NetStreams MediaLinX Pro Allows Conversion Of Legacy Sources To TCP/IP and Integrates Third Party Co

Real-Time Conversion of Four Stereo Audio Sources; Control Other Brands of Lighting, Automated Heating and Cooling Subsystems; Adds Contact Closures for Advanced Home Automation Features

DENVER, CO - September 14, 2006 - NetStreams®, the global leader in networked entertainment systems and technology based on Internet Protocol (IP), introduced the NetStreams MediaLinX Pro™ (model MLA4000) here today at the CEDIA Expo, the world's largest exposition devoted to multi -room home entertainment and control systems. The new MediaLinX Pro converts the analog or S/PDIF audio of up to four legacy audio sources (DVD/CD players, tuners, cassette players, etc) to TCP/IP, provides integration with third party control systems, and adds four relays for advanced automation capabilities, all for distribution through NetStreams DigiLinX™ IP -Based Multi -Room Audio and Control system.

The MediaLinX Pro allows installers to connect up to four audio or IR/RS -232 -controlled devices into a single unit, converting the signals in real -time. An additional dedicated IR/RS -232 connection can control a fifth device. Analog and digital sources, once converted, and their transport controls, are distributed on the network via an Ethernet connection on the product.

"Our research shows that most DigiLinX installations include the distribution of at least four legacy audio sources," said NetStreams CEO and Founder Herman Crdenas. "The MediaLinX Pro provides significant value to our DigiLinX installers. By essentially combining four MediaLinX MLA101s and one ControLinX CL100 into one rack space, we've cut the price in half, drastically reducing the cost of a DigiLinX system. We also added four relays to take advantage of advanced home automation features."

The new MLA4000 features an elegant extruded aluminum faceplate to match the new look and feel of all NetStreams DigiLinX products. With upgradeable firmware, simple installation, and reliable performance, all DigiLinX products give both installers and users a superior home entertainment experience.

Incorporating 24 -bit / 96kHz Burr -Brown® analog -to -digital converters, MediaLinX Pro delivers the best audio fidelity for any legacy audio source. NetStreams' Audio Input Compensation Technology allows the installer to adjust the level of the legacy audio source (in software) to ensure consistent volume levels between the legacy source and other digital audio sources on a digital home entertainment network. Analog and S/PDIF RCA inputs and outputs provide for connection flexibility and for the straight pass through of the audio signal to a receiver or preamp for local room listening as well.

Up to four legacy audio sources can be connected to the MediaLinX Pro MLA4000 for distribution over the DigiLinX network. NetStreams has provided advanced integration with several legacy sources, by writing drivers for the Polk Audio® Xrt12 XM® Satellite Reference tuner and the iPort® iPod® docking station. These drivers allow metadata (via the 3.5mm to RS -232 cable) to be converted and transmitted across the DigiLinX network, allowing for easy selection of stations or songs and easy viewing of all station and song metadata (including cover art) from the TouchLinX™ touch panel or any web browser -based controller.

MediaLinX Pro allows for simple integration and control of lighting, automated heating and cooling, security, and other subsystems, while featuring drivers for Lutron RadioRA® and Lutron HomeWorks® lighting systems, GE Concord Security systems, and Aprilaire® heating and cooling system. The MediaLinX Pro also allows Aprilaire outdoor temperature and humidity sensors to be connected for display of outdoor temperature and humidity on any DigiLinX user interface. All can be controlled from a TouchLinX™ keypad or through any web -enabled device. An Application Programming Interface (API) is available for those dealers who want to write their own drivers, and additional drivers will be added by NetStreams.

Additionally, NetStreams has included four relays with the MediaLinX, providing for the company's first entrée into the home automation category. Relays can be used to activate motorized lifts, motorized shades, or other products.

MediaLinX Pro, like all NetStreams DigiLinX products, is very easy to install. Learning IR codes is efficient and quick, thanks to an integrated IR receiver and the NetStreams DigiLinX Dealer Setup Program. There is no separate box for programming required.

About DigiLinX
NetStreams DigiLinX family of IP -Based products offer distributed entertainment and control with capabilities never seen before. DigiLinX features plug and play architecture with a rich user experience only available in highly custom systems today. DigiLinX delivers on the promise of convergence - - effectively marrying networking technologies with hi -fidelity audio and video - - leading the way in 'Networked Digital Entertainment'.

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams is the world leader in digital entertainment networks, based on Internet protocol (IP) technology. NetStreams' IP -Based systems, are designed for residential and commercial use, and offer new levels of affordability, simplicity, reliability, and expandability, benefiting both installers and end -users with lower costs for installation and set -up, with an intuitive and rich user experience.

By utilizing its patent -pending StreamNet™ technology, NetStreams systems enables true plug -n -play integration with other products for entertainment, automation, security, and communications. NetStreams is committed to utilizing cutting -edge human factors engineering to create entertainment systems that are truly user -friendly and future compatible. NetStreams is enabling the future of IP -Based entertainment today.

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