NetStreams Introduces First Digital Doorbell and Intercom System Based on Internet Protocol Tech

New Addition to DigiLinX IP-Based Multi-Room Audio and Control System Offers Unique Features and High Quality Communication

DENVER, CO - September 14, 2006 - NetStreams®, the global leader in networked entertainment systems and technology based on Internet Protocol (IP), has introduced the NetStreams DoorLinX™ DX100, the world's first IP -Based doorbell / intercom system here today at the CEDIA Expo, the world's largest exposition devoted to multi -room home entertainment and control systems. Featuring an integrated microphone, speaker, and matching doorbell unit, DoorLinX allows any MP3 audio file, including a recorded voice, to be used as a door chime and to have different sounds associated with different doors or points of entry. Designed for front door, back door, gate, garage, and other entry areas where having two -way voice communication is a requirement or preference, the DoorLinX is available for use with DigiLinX™ Multi -Room Entertainment and Control system.

"Virtually unchanged for decades and often overlooked in integrated home control systems, doorbells and intercoms need to be updated with 21st century technology," said NetStreams CEO and Founder Herman Cárdenas. "DoorLinX enables some exciting new options for personalization, systems integration, and whole -home IP intercom capability."

Cárdenas said that NetStreams' expertise in multi -room high fidelity audio systems helped the company in developing a chime and intercom system with exceptional audio quality and vocal clarity.

DoorLinX features an amplified (4 -watt) reference speaker with a Mylar cone, and an embedded microphone with a high gain, omni -directional condenser, allowing for crystal clear communication with any of the NetStreams TouchLinX™ touch screens or the KeyLinX™ KL200. DoorLinX also features a door latch activation relay to automatically open the door or gate when a button is pressed on the TouchLinX user interface.

Dealers can customize the doorbell's ring tone with any MP3 file up to one half megabyte. When integrated with the NetStreams' DigiLinX system, the DoorLinX will play customizable MP3 file ringtones as doorbell chimes on all speakers or on selected speakers inside the building when a guest rings the doorbell. DoorLinX employs a high performance Texas Instruments® 24 -bit DSP chip to provide the intercom with exceptional fidelity and quality.

For homeowners desiring the addition of a door camera, DoorLinX can be used with any Panasonic® IP Camera. Users can then answer the door through any TouchLinX control panel from anywhere in the home. They can see who is at the door, carry on a conversation, and even unlatch the door to allow guests to enter. Homeowners can also put any room, or the entire system, in Do -Not -Disturb (DND) mode, thus muting the doorbell where desired.

Designed to mount conveniently in a 2 -gang box (sold separately), DoorLinX's three -piece design makes it extremely easy to install, and with Netstreams' DigiLinX Dealer Setup Program, configuration is a snap. Three elegant faceplate options are available, including brushed brass, brushed nickel, and oil -rubbed bronze. A separate illuminated doorbell button with matching trim plate mounts on the doorjamb is also included.

The NetStreams DoorLinX DX100 will be available mid October.

About DigiLinX
NetStreams DigiLinX family of IP -Based products offer distributed entertainment and control with capabilities never seen before. DigiLinX features plug and play architecture with a rich user experience only available in high custom systems today. DigiLinX delivers on the promise of convergence - - effectively marrying networking technologies with hi -fidelity audio and video - - leading the way in 'Networked Digital Entertainment'.

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams is the world leader in digital entertainment networks, based on Internet protocol (IP) technology. NetStreams' IP -Based systems, are designed for residential and commercial use, and offer new levels of affordability, simplicity, reliability, and expandability, benefiting both installers and end -users with lower costs for installation and set -up, with an intuitive and rich user experience.

By utilizing its patent -pending StreamNet technology, NetStreams systems enables true plug -n -play integration with other products for entertainment, automation, security, and communications. NetStreams is committed to utilizing cutting -edge human factors engineering to create entertainment systems that are truly user -friendly and future compatible. NetStreams is enabling the future of IP -based entertainment today.

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NetStreams, DoorLinX, DigiLinX, TouchLinX and KeyLinX are trademarks of NetStreams L.L.C. Panasonic is a registered trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. Texas Instruments is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments Corporation.

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