NetStreams Announces 'IP -Based' Video Products Distribute, Uncompressed HD Video Over CAT5e Home Net

NetStreams Demonstrates StreamNet Enabled IP Video Technology and Seamless Integration with its DigiLinX Entertainment Products

DENVER, CO - September 14, 2006 - NetStreams®, the global leader in networked entertainment systems and technology based on Internet Protocol (IP), unveiled a suite of products for IP -Based video distribution that offer seamless integration and plug -and -play compatibility with other DigiLinX™ multi -room entertainment products here today at the CEDIA Expo, the world's largest exposition devoted to multi -room home entertainment and control systems. NetStreams is the first company in the world to introduce IP -Based, uncompressed video distribution for multi -room entertainment.

The company demonstrated a new encoder, decoder, and gigabit Ethernet switch, which allow streaming HD video content from multiple sources to multiple displays on an IP -Based network. The new devices send uncompressed HDTV quality video signals to multiple displays and are compatible with native IP -Based video sources (such as IPTV), legacy video sources such as VHS, DVD, and D -VHS, and the newer Blu -ray and HD -DVD formats.

"NetStreams was the first company to deliver high performance, multi -room IP -Based audio and control over networks with our DigiLinX line of products. We have now invested a lot in our IP video technology and plan to take the leadership position with video too," said Herman Cárdenas, founder and chief executive officer of NetStreams. "With entertainment, communication, and control quickly migrating to networked solutions using IP -Based technology, we see an opportunity like never before for custom installers to derive additional revenues for services and integration and we intend on being the major supplier of IP -Based solutions in this market."

The new NetStreams MediaLinX™ A/V encodes audio and video in real time from any legacy video source into TCP/IP packets of uncompressed video/audio for transmission over a standard TCP/IP or DigiLinX network at a rate of 1GB/second.

The new NetStreams ViewLinX™ is designed for installation at or near the location of the video display, decoding the IP -based video stream, providing component, S -video, and composite video output for the display. The ViewLinX also features an encoder for a local audio/video source to be streamed and shared on the network.

The new NetStreams SwitchLinX™ Gigabit Switch is a 2 -way IGMP -enabled, Managed Gigabit Ethernet switch that provides the plug -and -play interface for StreamNet -enabled devices and products. It requires no configuration of the switch by the dealer. Native IP -Based sources, such as IPTV, can also be connected directly to the SwitchLinX switch for distribution over the DigiLinX network.

Working together, these three new products deliver an unmatched, completely IP -Based, high -definition video distribution solution to the existing DigiLinX family of products. In addition, the IP -Based suite of products can be used as a stand -alone solution, or integrated with other control systems.

This DigiLinX IP -Based video distribution system takes advantage of several proprietary technologies developed by NetStreams to offer the highest quality video distribution available. To distribute uncompressed video in real time over a gigabit TCP/IP network, NetStreams incorporates PerfectPixel™ technology, which provides 100% accurate picture replication; while its patent -pending StreamNet™ technology ensures the reliable transmission of synchronized audio, video and control packets across network.

With NetStreams new IP video technology, both home and commercial properties can enjoy multi -room audio and video with the confidence and reliability of a hard -wired system. Unlike other entertainment systems, the DigiLinX system uses only IP networking technology to link all components. The system's key advantage of carrying both system control and content information along a standard network cable, using open -standard protocols, greatly reduces system wiring, simplifies installation and set up, ensures excellent signal quality, and offers almost limitless expandability of sources, displays and zones.

A recent study by Parks Associates estimates that 30 million U.S. households will have an IP -Based home entertainment network installed by 2010. This, along with the advent of IPTV, offers additional opportunities for a variety of hardware and service providers to recommend advanced entertainment services to their clients. As IP -Based entertainment networks, including IPTV services, are developed and tested, NetStreams continues to position itself as the technology leader in this space.

"Don't miss this exciting IP revolution and the opportunity to take your business to the next level. IP enables a whole new level of entertainment for the end user never before possible in the analog or even HDTV realm. I encourage everyone to learn more by attending the NetStreams IP symposium on Saturday, Sept. 16 at 10:00 a.m. in Colorado Room 340," commented Cárdenas.

The new IP -Based Video Distribution system will ship in Q1 2007. Pricing is yet to be announced.

About DigiLinX
NetStreams DigiLinX family of IP -Based products offer distributed entertainment and control with capabilities never seen before. DigiLinX features plug and play architecture with a rich user experience only available in highly custom systems today. DigiLinX delivers on the promise of convergence - - effectively marrying networking technologies with hi -fidelity audio and video - - leading the way in 'Networked Digital Entertainment'.

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams is the world leader in digital entertainment networks, based on Internet protocol (IP) technology. NetStreams' IP -Based systems, are designed for residential and commercial use, and offer new levels of affordability, simplicity, reliability, and expandability, benefiting both installers and end -users with lower costs for installation and set -up, with an intuitive and rich user experience.

By utilizing its patent -pending StreamNet technology, NetStreams systems enables true plug -n -play integration with other products for entertainment, automation, security, and communications. NetStreams is committed to utilizing cutting -edge human factors engineering to create entertainment systems that are truly user -friendly and future compatible. NetStreams is enabling the future of IP -Based entertainment today.

For additional information on NetStreams and its innovative products, please visit

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