Xantech Introduces HD44CC5 Hi -Def Cat 5 Video Distribution

Xantech introduces four-source, four-zone HD video matrix switcher for distributing HD video signal up to 1000 feet over Cat 5 wire. Accessory receiver box automatically compensates for both cable quality and cable length for simple installation.

CEDIA EXPO, Denver, CO - 9/14/2006 Xantech Corporation has an unmatched reputation for engineering excellence, building products that continually raise the bar in their respective categories with outstanding performance and unrivaled value. Their new HD44CC5 High Definition Video Switcher, which will be unveiled at CEDIA Expo 2006 at booth # 246, is the latest in a long line of engineering masterpieces.

The HD44CC5 High Definition Video Switcher allows high definition video (1080p, 1080i and 720p) and digital audio to be sent up to 1000 feet over CAT5 cable with virtually no loss in signal quality with unprecedented ease of installation and unrivaled flexibility. Plenty of companies are making similar claims for their products, but the HD44CC5 truly delivers on the promise of long -distance High Definition video and digital audio distribution over Cat 5 cable with remarkable picture clarity even over this extreme distance. Even better, the Xantech system features simple set -up with receiver boxes that automatically compensate not only for length of cable run, also automatically self -adjust for cable quality as well.
This four -source, four -zone high -definition matrix switcher has component video as well as S/PDIF digital audio inputs for each source. Each of the four zones outputs has component video output and S/PDIF audio output for local distribution, as well as a RJ45 output for transmission of the video and digital audio signal over greater distances. Both the component video output and CAT5 output are active simultaneously, making it possible to have two groups of four zones running at the same time from the HD44CC5.
It's rack -mountable as well, and can be controlled via IR (through the front -mounted receiver or rear -mounted jack) as well as through RS232 commands. In addition, the unit is expandable to up to sixteen zones of control through its buffered component video loopthrough and serial port expansion capability.
The coax component video output provides a simple, cost -effective solution for nearby zones (up to 250 feet), while the RJ45 connection allows cable runs of up to 1000 feet to the HDRXSG01 receiver located in the zone.
The HDRXGS01 CAT5 receiver has the unique ability to automatically sense and compensate for both cable length and wire quality for the simplest installation in the industry. It senses cable run length in 20 -feet increments and automatically self -adjusts with no switches to set and no charts to consult, completely removing the guesswork from high definition video distribution over CAT5 wire.
The HDRXSG01 receiver mounts in the zone up to 1000 feet from the HD44CC5 switcher, and installs easily in a single -gang J -box. It contains a RJ45 input for the HD video and digital audio signal as well as a standard IR and power connection. Outputs include component video, digital audio via S/PDIF connection and IR signal.
For installations only requiring local switching and distribution, Xantech also offers the HD44C switcher. It can provide video distribution up to 250 feet through its component video outputs and features all of the same control options, loopthroughs and switching capabilities as the HD44CC5.
The HD44CC5, HD44C and HDRXSG01 will be available in early 2007.
List price for the HD44CC5 will be $1790.00, pricing for the HD44C will be $1298.00, and the HDRXSG01 will have a list price of $300.00. HDRXSG01 has a list price of $200.00 and HDCXSG01 has a list price of $50.00. The HD44CC5 will be on display at CEDIA EXPO 2006 at booth # 246.

About Xantech Corporation
Established in 1969, Xantech Corporation (www.xantech.com) designs and manufactures high quality A/V Distribution and Control Systems and Component Products. Since 1969, over two million of these systems have been installed worldwide.
The Xantech product line includes LCD Touchpanel Controllers, Multi -Zone, Multi -Source Audio/Video Systems, Multi -Zone, Multi -Source Pre -amplifiers, Multi -Channel Audio Amplifiers, Infrared Receivers, Remote Control Switchers, Interface Modules, IR Connecting Blocks, IR Emitters, Volume Controls and IR Accessories. Products are sold to Professional Installers and Distributors directly from Xantech.
Xantech products are marketed in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe. Xantech is a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc. (www.nortek -inc.com), a multinational manufacturer and distributor of building products for residential and commercial markets. Nortek, established in 1967, is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island.

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