New IR READY KITS from Xantech Debut at CEDIA Expo

Two pre-packaged kits featuring the basic building blocks of IR control systems, excluding the IR receiver. Select the appropriate IR receiver, combine it with the IR READY KIT for a reliable Xantech system with no brain damage.

CEDIA EXPO, Denver, CO - 9/14/2006 Xantech Corporation has been known for their superior IR products for decades. As a matter of fact, they're the ones who invented IR repeaters, so if anyone knows the intricacies of this technology, it's Xantech. Their engineers have worked for years to build the most reliable IR systems in the market, now the company has turned its attention to making IR easier.

New IRREADY KITS simplify specifying, ordering and stocking Xantech IR systems because they reduce the number of individual items an installer needs to stock in order to have complete IR kits ready for use. Choose between two SKU's of IR READY KITS (each containing an IR connecting block, mouse emitters and a power supply) pick the appropriate IR receiver for the job, and the IR system is complete.
Why isn't the IR receiver included in the kit? Xantech offers more than ten different IR receivers in varying configurations, each designed for a specific task. Some manufacturers have used a 'one -size -fits -all' approach to IR receivers, but the engineers at Xantech know that all IR interference isn't the same, so Xantech receivers are optimized to perform in specific situations. Three of their receivers are designed to work with Plasma displays, three are optimized for use with LCD displays, and there are four standard IR receivers.
While all of this may seem a bit complicated, the new IR READY KITS make selecting IR components a simple three -step process.
Step One: Select the appropriate IR READY KIT based on how many components need to be controlled. There are two IR READY KITS to choose from: IRDY4KITRP for controlling up to four components and IRDY10KITRP for control of up to ten components. IRDY4KITRP comes with four Xantech 283M mouse emitters, a 789 -44 connecting block and a power supply, while IRDY10KITRP contains ten 283M mouse emitters, a 791 -44 connecting block and a power supply. These kits contain the same robust Xantech IR components that have been the industry standard for years, so installers can have complete confidence in the system they install.
Step Two: Determine possible sources of IR interference such as Plasma displays, LCD displays, Compact Fluorescent Lights, Fluorescent Tube lights and direct sunlight. Then select the right IR receiver series for this environment.
For installations with no sources of interference, the -00, -10 and -30 series receivers provide an economical and reliable solution.
For rooms with LCD displays, Compact Fluorescent Lights or direct sunlight, the -80 and -85 series feature Xantech's exclusive adjustable IR carrier frequency that allow the receiver to work with any component, whether it's the most basic A/V device or the most advanced HD set -top box.
Plasma displays present their own unique challenges, and for these Xantech produces the
-95 series broadband Plasma -friendly IR receiver. These receivers also work well in situations with direct sunlight. While some manufacturers offer a single unit that they call Plasma and LCD friendly, it's important to remember that Plasma and LCD are two completely different technologies, and each presents its own unique challenges. Xantech receivers provide performance and reliability installers can count on.
The third and final step in assembling the system is to select the best style of receiver for the job. Xantech receivers are available in shelf -top models (Hidden Link™), J -box mounted versions, as well as the inconspicuous Micro Link™ and Dinky Link™ models. With Xantech it's easy to create a dependable system that fits in with nearly any environment.
Rick Seegull, Technical Director of Sales and Marketing for Xantech recently explained the new IR READY KITS. "We've had a lot of dealers asking for a kit they could stock on their truck that contained the basic components of an IR system. The installer just has to determine how many components they need to control and pick the IR READY KIT that's appropriate. Then all that's required is to match up the right receiver for the job, and they have the complete IR system. We think that these kits are going to be very popular with installers, because it gives them a simple, foolproof method to build the best IR system on the market."
In addition to making ordering and stocking simpler for the installer, special discounted pricing (versus individual component pricing) make these kits even more attractive. List price for the IRDY4KIT is $110.00, and the IRDYKIT has a list price of $196.00. Both kits will be available from authorized Xantech dealers and distributors in the fourth quarter of 2006.
About Xantech Corporation
Established in 1969, Xantech Corporation ( designs and manufactures high quality A/V Distribution and Control Systems and Component Products. Since 1969, over two million of these systems have been installed worldwide.
The Xantech product line includes LCD Touchpanel Controllers, Multi -Zone, Multi -Source Audio/Video Systems, Multi -Zone, Multi -Source Pre -amplifiers, Multi -Channel Audio Amplifiers, Infrared Receivers, Remote Control Switchers, Interface Modules, IR Connecting Blocks, IR Emitters, Volume Controls and IR Accessories. Products are sold to Professional Installers and Distributors directly from Xantech.
Xantech products are marketed in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe. Xantech is a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc. (www.nortek, a multinational manufacturer and distributor of building products for residential and commercial markets. Nortek, established in 1967, is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island.

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