AMX added intercom with VoIP technology to its flagship Modero Touch Panel line. The 8.4-inch Modero ViewPoint and 7-inch Modero Touch Panels add panel-to-panel communication to their already robust feature set, as well enhanced touch sensitivity.

DENVER - Sept. 14, 2006 - AMX®, a worldwide leader in advanced control system technology, announced that it has integrated intercom with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology into its flagship Modero® Touch Panel line. The new 8.4 -inch Modero ViewPoint (MVP -8400i) and 7 -inch Modero (NXD -700Vi) Touch Panels add panel -to -panel communication to their already robust feature set, as well enhanced touch sensitivity.

"AMX continues to add advanced new features to our touch panels as a direct response to customer demand," said Robert Noble, AMX's vice president of product management. "With our new Moderos, a separate intercom system is no longer needed. The same touch panels that control and automate homes can now also be used to improve communication between families."

Both touch panels meet the International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector's (ITU -T) G.711 sound standard, enabling them to deliver a telephone -quality user experience. Their full -feature intercom capabilities include:

• Two -way communication - Place panel -to -panel calls within the home or commercial building, or from a condominium unit or hotel room to the concierge.
• One -way pages - Broadcast a message to all touch panels within the home or commercial building.
• One -way monitoring - Listen only; this feature is perfect for homes with nurseries and playrooms.
• Privacy option - Choose to disable all intercom capabilities for a temporary period of time; this option is ideal when taking a nap or participating in an important conference call.

The MVP -8400i and NXD -700Vi will both ship with touch panel pages for intercom functionality included. All the system integrator needs to do is configure the system to meet individual customer needs and preferences. This easy process begins with assigning each Modero a name, such as Kitchen or Master Bedroom. Additional options include enabling monitoring capabilities and privacy options for each, as well as whether or not panel -to -panel intercom calls should be automatically accepted or accepted only via a pop -up window on the panel.

The MVP -8400i will be available in Q4 2006, followed by the NXD -700Vi in January 2007.

About AMX
AMX is a worldwide leader in advanced control and automation technology for commercial and residential markets. The company's hardware and software products simplify the way people interact with technology. This includes making it easier for system integrators to sell, program and install AMX products - ranging from touch panels, keypads and handheld remotes to customizable resource management tools - as well as making the overall AMX end -user experience intuitive and simple. Leveraging the power of automation technology, AMX is making the world a little less complicated. AMX was founded in 1982 and is a subsidiary of Duchossois Industries, Inc. For more information about the company, visit


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