RHINO Non -adhesive Tag Fills Labeling Market Void

RHINO is pleased to announce the addition of Non-adhesive Tag to its line of label printer cartridges. This new product was developed to fill a void that currently exists in non-adhesive labeling applications.

September 18, 2006, Stamford, CT - RHINO, the industrial division of DYMO Corporation, a NewellRubbermaid company, is pleased to announce the addition of Non -adhesive Tag to its line of label printer cartridges. This new product was developed to fill a void that currently exists in non -adhesive labeling applications.

Non -adhesive labels are required in applications that use plastic holders, such as on distribution panels, electrical wiring, or modular outlets. To date, non -adhesive labeling products have posed a variety of problems. These labels are often manufacturer -exclusive and non -interchangeable among components, or they require a supply of books and cards of individual letters and numbers to be kept on hand. In some cases, they are on perforated sheets that must be printed using an office printer or plotter and can result in waste if only a few labels are needed.

"The problem with most non -adhesive labeling products," explained Lea Ann Schmidt, Sr. Product Manager for RHINO, "is that they either require printing at the office - which is just not feasible for efficient field installations, or they require many different products be carried into the field such as various size labels and books of letters and numbers. RHINO developed its new Non -adhesive Tag cartridges to eliminate both problems."

New RHINO Non -adhesive Tag cartridges drop into hand -held, electronic RHINO label printers (RHINO 5000, 3000 and 1000) in the same way that other adhesive -style label cartridges do. Installers simply enter the label text and size they need and press "print". The label information is output on the non -adhesive tag in the exact size the installer needs, right at the job site. The need for individual or various size tag inserts is eliminated, saving the installer space in his toolbox and money in his pocket. As a bonus, RHINO labels make installations look polished and professional.

Doug Waldal, Global Director of Rhino, added, "The benefit of the new RHINO Non -adhesive Tag cartridges is that they offer installers more flexibility on the spot, saving time and reducing labeling inventory levels and costs. Installers can cut the inserts exactly to the size they need - all from the same cartridge. And, an installer can print just one or many labels at any given time. It's an incredibly flexible solution to a long -standing problem with non -adhesive labeling applications."

The new RHINO Non -adhesive Tag cartridges are available in 1/4" (6mm), 3/8" (9mm), 1/2" (12mm) and 3/4" (19mm) widths, in lengths of 18' (5.5 meters). Available in both white and yellow colors, the label material is constructed of non -adhesive polypropylene, providing excellent durability, rigidity and printability. RHINO Non -adhesive Tag cartridges work in the RHINO 5000, RHINO 3000 and RHINO 1000 label printers.

RHINO Non -adhesive Tag cartridges retail from $15.99 - $17.99. The RHINO 5000 and RHINO 3000 retail for $149.99 and $99.99 respectively. All are available now through your local distributor. For more information please visit www.rhinolabeling.com.

RHINO is the industrial division of the DYMO Corporation, a NewellRubbermaid company. RHINO engineers and manufactures professional -grade label printers for residential, industrial and commercial use. The best -selling RHINO 5000 and RHINO 3000 label printers were designed with easy -to -use features that greatly reduce labeling time including one -touch "hot keys," automatic sizing, fast print output, and split -back labels. Learn more at www.rhinolabeling.com

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