RHINO 3000 Provides the Finishing Touch to Whole -House Audio Systems

Professional Label Printer Quickly Identifies Components for Easy Audio System Maintenance

September 15, 2006, Stamford, CT - Whether you are a professional audio/video system installer or a hi -tech homeowner, wiring a whole -house audio system requires many decisions. Choosing equipment, wiring configurations, speaker placement, additional local audio sources and wire locations are all important aspects to a well -planned, well -installed, quality sound system. One aspect that is often forgotten, however, is the proper identification of the system.

"Proper identification of an audio system's components is crucial," explained Michael Clemens, Sr. Marketing Manager of RHINO, a division on DYMO Corporation and manufacturer of RHINO industrial label printers. "A well -labeled system not only provides a professional -looking installation, but more importantly, saves time and money in future maintenance of the system. When each component connection is clearly marked, there is little room for confusion or future error."

With this in mind, the RHINO 3000 label printer was introduced. The RHINO 3000 is portable, affordable and easy to use. It was specifically designed for audio/video, security, and home automation systems with special features that make labeling those systems extremely quick and easy. Featuring one -touch Hot Keys for wire wrapping and flagging, sequential numbering, audio/video components and room locations, the RHINO 3000 helps system installers, A/V experts and residential cabling contractors to quickly and accurately label and identify the systems they install - saving them time, money and making their installations look more professional.

"Over the past few years I've seen a dramatic shift in my business," said Corey Pederson, Owner of Pederson Electric, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "Customers today are more aware and knowledgeable about the networking, sound and video systems that I am installing. They want to know what is connected where so that future changes or upgrades to the system are easier. The time that I invest in properly labeling the system upfront, pays huge dividends for my customers down the line. This makes them happier, makes my work look more professional and helps boost my reputation in my line of work. Labeling has absolutely become integral to my business."

The RHINO 3000 uses 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" RHINO labels which feature industrial -strength adhesives that stick and stay stuck in nearly any environment. Split backing makes applying RHINO labels easy, while a variety of colors and label materials make them ideal for all labeling applications. And, RHINO's thermal -transfer print technology means there is never any ink or toner to replace. The RHINO 3000 label printer retails for $99 and is available through your local audio/video components distributor. For more information on the RHINO 3000, please visit www.rhinolabeling.com

RHINO is the industrial division of the DYMO Corporation, a NewellRubbermaid company. RHINO engineers and manufactures professional -grade label printers for residential, industrial and commercial use. The best -selling RHINO 5000 and RHINO 3000 label printers were designed with easy -to -use features that greatly reduce labeling time including one -touch "hot keys," automatic sizing, fast print output, and split -back labels. Learn more at www.rhinolabeling.com

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Marketing Communications
RHINO, A division of DYMO Corporation
44 Commerce Road
Stamford, CT 06902
330 -708 -1465

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