Marmitek introduces the GSMguard300; Wireless alarm system with GSM network paging function!

EINDHOVEN - The GSMguard300 is the latest security product from Marmitek, the specialist in wireless solutions. The GSMguard300 is a wireless security set, which sends text alarm messages. You do not therefore need a fixed telephone line.

Via the GSM network

The module of the GSMguard300 has a SIM card and it works via the GSM network. You do not therefore need to install a fixed telephone line in the building that you want to protect. The GSMguard300 is the ideal alarm system for your garage, storage accommodation, stable, boat or holiday home.

Text message
A text message will be sent to your mobile phone wherever you happen to be warning you if anything is wrong. You can program a maximum of 3 personal alarm telephone numbers into the system.
The alarm system can also be tested or switched on and off remotely by sending a text message. The only condition for this is that it has to be within range of a GSM server.

The GSMguard300 is supplied as a complete package containing a module, a small antenna, two wireless door/window sensors and a siren. There is no limit to the number of extra wireless door/window sensors that can be added to the system. If you want to have remote switching capability for lighting or other electrical devices, the system can be expanded with a Marmitek X -10 SM10 transmitter. This can, for example, be used for adding an extra outdoor siren that sounds when the door/window sensors are activated, or for sending a text message to switch on the heating of your (winter sport) chalet a few hours before you arrive.

Technical data
The alarm system is powered by the mains adapter supplied with the package. If necessary, an external 9V power source can also be used. The door/window sensors have a range of 30 metres maximum.

The price of the Marmitek GSMguard300 is 479, - euros.

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