T.H.E. Show is new in Denver... during CEDIA

The large CEDIA convention opens this week in Denver, Colorado. On the miles of convention floor you will find every home theater device known to man. But if you want to HEAR home theater at its finest, it will be right next door at T.H.E. Show.

The Home Entertainment Show, based in Las Vegas brings its unique style of convention presentation to Denver at the same time CEDIA displays at the Colorado Convention Center. While CEDIA takes over most of downtown, T.H.E. Show, with its distinctive collection of high end audio and home theater displays will be right next door at the Denver Athletic Club - one block southeast of the main entrance of the Convention Center on 14th street. Experience high -end as it was meant to be enjoyed: in elegant, lush, wood -paneled spaces and turn of the century construction. Each live demonstration is presented with precise attention to acoustic considerations... just as you would in your home.

The list of impressive companies exhibiting at T.H.E. Show Denver includes some of the finest and most well established companies in high -end, as well as some exciting newcomers. Among those exhibiting are Arcici Stands; Audio Research; Balanced Audio Technology; Cardas Audio Ltd; Computerized Loudspeaker Labs; Conrad Johnson; Delta Sigma Electronics; Elite Audio Video; Eminent Technologies; Hannl Record Cleaners; Kubala -Sosna Research; Kuzma Turntables; Magnepan Inc, Muse Electronics, Nola Speakers, Plinius Audio, Professional Home Cinema, Soundsmith Corp, Theta Digital, Vandersteen Audio YG Acoustics Speakers and many more.

T.H.E. Show Denver will be "Open to the Trade" September 14 - 17, enjoying the same hours as CEDIA. CEDIA attendees are invited and your badge gets you in (registration is short and painless). Those not attending CEDIA, but wanting to visit T.H.E. Show have merely to present proof of being in the high -end industry.

For more information, contact T.H.E. Show Denver at (702) 242 -4545 or check out T.H.E. Show, Denver's website at www.theshowdenver.com

Some of the equipment on display at T.H.E. Show has never been seen or demonstrated at any show, anywhere. Experience the debut of professional high -end amplifiers and loudspeaker systems before they are even in the marketplace.


Denver One Exhibit Room

Conrad -Johnson, in collaboration with Magnepan, will be exhibiting a music lover's surround sound system featuring conrad -johnson's unique MET1 6 -channel analogue preamplifier and their new 5 -channel MET150 enhanced triode power amplifier. The MET150 employs a vacuum -tube voltage gain stage, making it a rare breed among multi -channel amplifiers. The MET150 will be driving Magneplanar 20.1s for L/R channels, 3.6s for surround channels and Magnepan's new CCR reference center channel speakers. Source will be a McCormack Audio UDP1, conrad -johnson edition.

An Industry Highlight for those "in the know": Magnepan is demonstrating Harry Pearson's "Super Maggie" system. One change from Harry's system - the center channel speaker is the long awaited CCR (center speaker designed for the 20.1 and 3.6). Home theater surround -sound the way it should be.

Colorado Three Exhibit Room

Magnepan teams up with Theta Digital in this suite, introducing a "life style" automated ribbon speaker system. Hung on a wall like a picture, this attractively designed speaker system hides its true identity until the remote is triggered.

Denver Three Exhibit Room

Professional Home Cinema of Huntington Beach, CA will debut its system of professional -grade amplifiers and loudspeaker systems. The DPA Series digital amplifier/processors combine high -power digital amplification with 24 -bit/96kHz DSP for loudspeaker specific processing including driver filtering, high -resolution frequency response shaping and time alignment. Each PHC loudspeaker employs professional -grade loudspeaker components, including high -power woofers, compression drivers and high frequency horns. PHC home cinema products deliver the explosive dynamics experienced in commercial cinemas, with the sonic accuracy of high -end, high -fidelity audio. Truly a unique high end cinema experience, not available within the constraints of pedestrian exhibiting.

Colorado One Exhibit Room

The Soundsmith Corporation will be introducing the following products: 4 models of loudspeakers (Monarch, Dragonfly, Mantis 200 and Mantis 300); The Strain Gauge Phono Cartiridge/full function Preamp system SG -810; The HE2006 300 w/ch modular MOSFET amplifier; their new speaker stands; the "Versa -Stands"; 8 models of ultra low moving mass "Moving Iron" phono cartridges; The CDT -4 diagnostic tool for testing intermittents audio gear and systems, and 3 models of Phono preamps. Soundsmith will be using Cardas cable and playing some of our classic B&O and Tandberg restored gear with the Soundsmith phono cartridges. This collection is not to be missed by any true audiophile.

Denver Five Exhibit Room

An exciting new entry to T.H.E. Show's impressive cadre of superior high -end companies: YG Acoustics and Delta Sigma will be exhibiting their respective top -of -the -line products. Combined, it's an astonishing system worth more than $200,000! In addition, YG Acoustics will provide a sneak -preview of its upcoming Kipod loudspeaker line, by invitation only. If you wish to receive an invitation to this unique demonstration, please contact usa@yg -acoustics.com

All of these fine and exclusive high -end displays will be open to the trade at the Denver Athletic Club, Sept 14 - 17, 2006.

It is another jewel in the fine art of high -end audio and home theater displays, expanding upon the success of T.H.E. Show Las Vegas. Still in January. Still at the St Tropez. Still the highest of all the high -end available.

*This Press Release composed and authorized by T.H.E. Show Denver and Las Vegas management offices:

The Home Entertainment Show, Las Vegas and Denver
or, contact us at (702) 242 -4545
Richard Beers, President

On site contact: Suite Denver Two - T.H.E. Show Office and Press Room
*Ask for directions at the Registration Desk in Main Lobby

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