snom and Epygi Announce Interoperability Between snom Phones and Epygi IP PBX

Companies Partner to Provide Advanced VoIP Solutions

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snom and Epygi Announce Interoperability Between snom Phones and Epygi IP PBX

Companies Partner to Provide Advanced VoIP Solutions

BOSTON, MA and BERLIN, GERMANY - September 12, 2006 - snom technology AG, developer and manufacturer of Voice -over -IP (VoIP) telephones, today announced a strategic partnership with Epygi Technologies, a worldwide leader in VoIP IP PBX technology. Through this partnership, snom phones will be compatible with Epygi IP PBX systems in order to support advanced services using XML to make combined products easier to deploy.

"We look forward to working with Epygi to increase the support services and capabilities of our phones," said Michael Knieling, CFO and Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales for snom. "This partnership opens up an important business development channel."

Epygi designs and manufactures all -in -one IP PBXs as part of their Quadro product line. Quadros have all the traditional PBX functionality along with other unique features such as receptionist call queue monitoring, remote extensions with multi -company receptionist, and voicemail to email. Quadros and snom phones offer small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) the ability to transcend traditional physical and geographic limitations to doing business. SMBs not only realize significant cost savings, they appear larger and more professional. The expanded partnership means the Quadro 'All -In -One' product line of IP PBXs will now be compatible with the snom 300, snom 320, and snom 360 IP phones.

"We've been working with snom for over a year and because snom manufactures best -in -class IP Phones, it made sense to expand our partnership even further," said Jeff Kirchner, Chief Executive Officer of Epygi Technologies.
"snom is an innovator in the industry and the seamless compatibility of our products will deliver more choice, value and benefits to SMB users around the world."

snom telephones support all common standards, as well as the latest technology platforms. All snom phones are compatible with SIP -based telephone systems and system components including open source platforms as well as proprietary
solutions offered by companies such as Epygi Technologies.

About snom
snom technology AG develops and manufacturers Voice -over -IP (VoIP) telephones and related equipment based on the IETF open standard, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Recognized for its high quality, customizable and cost -effective business solutions, snom is also differentiated by the company's ten -year history in the VoIP industry, and its dedication to high security standards. All of snom's software exists in the firmware on the phones - making it easier for users to download updates and new features. snom customers benefit from the interoperability and flexibility that the snom telephones offer, including plug and play integration and universal compatibility with any SIP -based telephony platform.

About Epygi
Founded in 2000, Epygi Technologies Ltd ( is a privately held US company based in Plano, Texas. With 125 employees worldwide and a global network of distributors and resellers, Epygi is ideally positioned to help small and medium sized organizations improve their telecommunications wherever they are.

The company designs and manufactures the Quadro range of feature -packed IP -PBXs, cost -saving conference servers, and Voice over IP gateways. The Quadros give businesses, public sector organizations, and IP voice service carriers reliable, economical performance.

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