Russound Expands A -BUS Lineup With Advanced Keypads and Controller

Unmatched Simplicity, Flexibility and Performance for Both Consumers and Installers, from the Company that Made A-BUS Famous

DENVER, CO, September 12, 2006 - Russound, the #1 brand in multiroom audio and the leading proponent of A -BUS® distributed audio systems, is introducing three new products at CEDIA that take A -BUS technology to new levels of possibility and refinement. Russound's

A -BUS Advanced lineup includes the new A -C68 A -BUS controller and two new in -wall keypads, the A -K5L and the A -KSC. The new products provide installers and end -users with advanced features never before available in A -BUS multiroom products.

"These new products demonstrate Russound's commitment to the A -BUS platform," said Product Manager Bill Soggu. "The new keypad and controller products retain the simplicity and convenience of the A -BUS system, while offering features not previously available in this technology. The results make Russound's A -BUS a more compelling offering for consumers and make it easy for installers to demonstrate the step -up features now possible in an A -BUS installation."

The new A -BUS Advanced A -C68 is a rack -mountable (1 U space) A -BUS controller that allows selection of up to six audio sources from up to eight independent zones. The front panel features an innovative clip -on design which provides the installer with easy access to the unit's simple programming center, including all necessary setup ports, switches and controls. When the installer is finished with programming and setup, the cover is reattached for a sleek appearance. Custom features such as inputs for paging and muting, a built -in power supply, common and routed IR capabilities, a 12 -volt trigger, and RJ -45 control links that allow A -C68 units to be daisy chained for expansion up to 48 zones, make integration simple for the installer and operation powerful for the consumer.

To make installation of the system easier, the A -C68 includes a built -in library of IR codes. Installers can customize operation of IR -controllable components in the customer's system with fast, simple assignment of IR codes, including transport controls for source components. Any IR codes not installed in the library can be learned by the A -C68.

Russound's two new in -wall keypads, the A -K5L and A -KSC, are designed to complement the capabilities of the A -C68 controller. The new A -K5L features digital amplification in a single -gang, Decora® -style in -wall form. The keypad, which can be backlit in either green or amber, displays source selection with a 5 -character LCD readout, while a 20 -segment visual indicator shows volume level. Bass, treble, balance, loudness, and special functions like "Party Mode" are easily controlled through the 4 button layout. The A -K5L, A -KSC and A -C68 combo can control up to six different sources, making it the most advanced and powerful A -BUS audio system on the market.

The A -KSC in -wall source control keypad is the perfect partner to both the A -K5L and the A -C68, thanks to its seamless interaction with the
A -C68's built -in IR codes. The elegant single -gang, Decora -style form features 11 easy -to -use buttons for source component controls, putting transport and numeric controls from any component at the user's fingertips. The keys use common transport and source control symbols and can switch to numerical values by using the button located at the bottom of the panel. Both the A -KSC and the A -K5L will be available in 5 colors - - white, almond, bone, black, and brown - - to blend with any home decor.

Russound's A -BUS lineup simplifies multiroom audio for both the consumer and the installer. All functions throughout the system run on a single CAT -5 cable, making installation and upgrade a breeze. Russound's innovation and commitment to the A -BUS platform has made it the leading supplier of this technology to the custom installation industry.

Russound's A -BUS Advanced line -up will be available in Q2 2007.

About Russound
Since 1967, innovation, quality and reliability have been the pillars of the Russound product tradition. Located in Newmarket, N.H., Russound offers the products and expertise customers need to enjoy multiroom audio and video systems in the home. The company pairs powerful systems using the latest technologies with intuitive controls to give customers high -performance, easy -to -use solutions. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

About A -BUS
A -BUS® is a revolutionary technology for multiroom audio systems. Using standard CAT -5 cable, Russound's A -BUS systems transmit power and stereo music to amplified keypads throughout the home, extending an audio system to as many rooms as the consumer chooses. A -BUS is a simple, elegant and affordable way to bring music and system control to any room.

A -BUS® is a registered trademark of LeisureTech Electronics Pty Ltd Australia.

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