Furman Sound Provides a Powerful Foundation for Residences at The Plaza

MediaBuss Installs Furman Equipment in Historic New York City Hotel to Manage Power for New State-of-the-Art Residential Units

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Furman Sound Provides a Powerful Foundation for Residences at The Plaza

MediaBuss Installs Furman Equipment in Historic New York City Hotel to Manage Power for New State -of -the -Art Residential Units

PETALUMA, Calif. - Sept. 12, 2006 - Furman Sound today announced that its AC power management systems will be installed at the renowned Plaza Hotel in midtown Manhattan. The announcement comes as MediaBuss, a provider of automated residential control and amenities systems, embarks on a $350 million restoration project - slated for completion next year, in time for the hotel's 100th anniversary. The new Plaza Hotel will incorporate 282 opulent hotel rooms and 182 private apartments ranging in price from $4 million to $40 million.

Already in use blocks away at the Ritz -Carlton New York, Furman's power management products were selected by MediaBuss for the Plaza Residences because of their reputation for ensuring the highest possible performance of components within critically important AV systems.

"The quality of the power fed to electronic systems serves as the foundation for their performance," said MediaBuss Owner Steve Babel. "In any kind of large building, power will fluctuate depending on the demand from equipment throughout that building. When quality is at a premium, as it is at The Plaza, it is critical that reliable and robust power -handling systems are put in place. Furman's products meet this standard and offer the flexible operation appropriate to our applications in this unique installation."

The no -expense -spared home theater systems feature multiple Furman products to provide linear filtration, maintenance -free surge suppression, battery backup, and discrete symmetrically balanced AC power for the high -performance A/V systems.

Among the equipment utilized is Furman's Reference Series of discrete symmetrical AC power conditioners, SB -1000 uninterruptible power supplies, and RVC -7W in -wall video power conditioners. This comprehensive power management system completely eliminates AC noise while protecting against all types of surges and spikes, and ensures consistent peak operation regardless of load conditions, or even a blackout. Additionally, the setup will actually improve the performance of connected equipment by unmasking the low -level signals necessary to deliver harmonics and ambience in audio, and depth and clarity in video.

"Standing at Fifth Avenue and overlooking Central Park, The Plaza has long been a landmark epitomizing the class, culture, and beauty of New York City," said David Keller, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Furman Sound. "With our industry -leading power management solutions as the foundation of the complex AV systems within its private residences, The Plaza can be confident that its clients are enjoying the luxurious lifestyle for which the hotel is known."

More information about Furman's AC power management products is available online at www.furmansound.com.

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