Velodyne Introduces Revolutionary In -Wall Subwoofer

The Velodyne SC-IW (In-Wall) Subwoofer Redefines In-Wall Bass Performance, Installability and Adaptability

Morgan Hill, CA (September 11, 2006) - - Velodyne Acoustics broadens its support of the fast -growing custom installation market with the introduction of the SC -IW subwoofer, an in -wall able to fit flush in a standard 2x4 wall, show less than 5" high of grill area, and deliver reference quality bass performance. The SC -IW is the ideal solution for installations that demand an easy -to -install subwoofer with an unobtrusive design that won't compete with a room's décor, and delivers deep, accurate and visceral bass performance with minimal wall vibration.

The SC -IW subwoofer can be used for either new construction or retro -fit installations. The SC -IW features a unique two -piece cabinet design with separate driver and back box enclosures. In new construction, the back box can be mounted at the rough -in stage at very little cost to the installer, while the driver module is installed at the trim -out stage. In retrofit situations both enclosures are mounted together.

The innovative, vertically firing T -shaped driver is specifically designed to maximize the SC -IW's performance while significantly reducing wall vibration. The driver uses a quad spider design using a patent -pending "drive shaft," a neodymium motor structure and a ½" thick composite drive surface. These enhancements enable an extremely long throw driver sporting more then one inch peak -top -peak travel while exhibiting exponentially less wall vibration than traditional in -walls that fire in and out.

Complementing the cutting -edge driver technology is the enclosure, also specifically designed for in -wall installations. The enclosure utilizes a propriety multilayer "sandwich" material that is laminated under high pressure. This yields an extremely rigid cabinet that has the density and performance of traditional high -end enclosures while having very thin walls allowing for maximum internal driver air volume.

The SC -IW includes both a 14 -inch high standard grill for easy installation and servicing and a sub -five inch high grill for the absolute minimum of visible grill area. Both grills can be painted to match the room's décor, and feature a 90º scoop that enables the vertically firing woofer to project bass into the room.

The SC -1250 amplifier, sold separately, powers the SC -IW with 1250 watts of continuous RMS power and 3000 watts dynamic power. This rack -mountable amp is a two -unit high design and features a DSP -controlled built -in seven -band automatic room -EQ to provide the best bass performance regardless of subwoofer placement. The amp can drive up to two SC -IW subs using conventional speaker wire.

The SC -IW has a suggested retail price of $999. Velodyne provides custom installers with greater flexibility by providing two separate model numbers for the SC -IW to provide convenience in staging and installation. The SC -IWBB is the enclosure and can be installed at the rough -in stage at very little cost to the installer. The SC -IWDVR is the driver module and comes complete with the two grills mentioned above. The SC -1250 amplifier has a suggested retail price of $999.

The SC -IW is part of the new SubContractor™ series of subwoofers from Velodyne. The SC series consists of the SC -8, SC -10, SC -12, SC -15, and SC -IF/IC (in -floor/in -ceiling) subwoofers, also driven by the SC -1250.

About Velodyne
Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., founded in 1983, is universally recognized as the leading manufacturer of high -performance, low distortion powered subwoofers at all price levels. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, the company's technically innovative audio products are available through a select group of authorized dealers, custom installers, and distributors worldwide. For more information visit

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