Introducing AV123's most affordable tower loudspeaker…

The RS450 is a perfect loudspeaker for use in a home theater or music system. Why go with a monitor/bookshelf loudspeaker on a stand when you can upgrade to a tower with the same footprint and nearly the same cost?

The Rocket RS450 may be our least expensive tower loudspeaker but don't let its smaller stature and price fool you. Packed into the 38" tall cabinet is the famous Vifa tweeter and two of our signature custom 5.25" aluminum coned mid -woofers. The combination of these drivers along with the elegantly designed crossover network all work in concert to produce a very natural sound. The frequency response of this speaker is nearly ruler flat; take a look at the graphs. Extremely clean, tight bass awaits you from the twin woofers. The mid bass or 'slam' produced by this speaker will likely shock you - only two "small" woofers are doing all that?! Also expect exceptional midrange clarity and articulation. The tweeter is renowned for its ability to playback with significant weight and texture. The qualities of a sax or violin are retained and allow you to suspend disbelief due to their lifelike playback. They are IN the room with you…

The RS450 cabinet is made from 1" thick MDF that features triple asymmetrical bracing that results in a very rigid cabinet that is free of resonances. The cabinet shape is special too. The tear drop form and asymmetrical front and rear baffle widths reduce standing waves within the cabinet further bringing you close to the music (which is what all this is about of course!). That cabinet is wrapped in a real wood veneer - gorgeous South American Rosewood. The wood is plantation grown (this means it is a renewable source and grown just for harvesting) and meticulously applied. Each pair of speakers is book matched - this means the veneers are from sequential cuts of the log and will essentially be mirror images of each other yet with subtle variations. The top and bottom of each speaker is fitted with a handsome piano black lacquer end cap. The bottom piece features brass thread inserts for use with the included brass spikes and hardwood floor protectors.

In -Home Trial Period!
Try anything from AV123 for 30 days in your own home. Regardless of who builds your next pair of speakers, auditioning in your own home is essential. Your room and associated electronics have a rather large influence on what you hear while planted in your favorite seat. Auditioning in a dealer's showroom removes that component. You really won't know what the speaker will sound like until you get it home. If the RS450 loudspeakers do not meet your expectations, simply contact us for a return authorization number. You will receive your full purchase price upon receipt of the return (less shipping). No re -stocking fees!

• System: 2 -way, three -driver direct -radiating system, vented enclosure with two rear -firing flared ports.
• Drivers: Vifa Ring Radiator tweeter, two custom 5.25" long -throw mid -woofers
• Frequency Response: ± 3 dB 38 Hz to 20 KHz
• Crossover Point: 2.5kHz
• Slope: 12dB acoustic
• Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal
• Efficiency: 87dB (@ 1 watt / 1 meter)
• Dimensions: 37 5/16" H x 15 5/8" D x 8 13/16" W at widest point; 6 7/16" at the front; 5 3/8" at the rear
• Weight: 70 lbs/pc shipped

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