Specialty Electronics Increases Net Profits by 50% Year Over Year by Utilizing D -Tools Software

Learn how FL based Specialty Electronics increased net profits, track materials, and create a more professional look utilizing D-Tools SI software.

CONCORD, CA AUGUST 16, 2006 - D -Tools, Inc., the worldwide leader in system integration software, today announced that Specialty Electronics has increased revenues by 50% year over year while utilizing D -Tools System Integrator. Specialty Electronics is based out of Naples, FL, and they specialize in high quality custom installation of high end audio/video systems, for both the residential and commercial market.

Upon their inception, Specialty Electronics was looking to replace their existing software with a business solution that would link directly with QuickBooks. Mitch Faden, VP of Operations for Specialty Electronics, visited EHX Expo where a D -Tools presentation caught his attention. He swiftly incorporated D -Tools System Integrator into the Specialty Electronics business process and immediately saw positive results.

"We wanted a program that would help us easily create proposals but would link to the other documentation as well. We needed a stronger technique to run our business, and our primary focus is on creating proposals and documenting our projects, so D -Tools was a perfect fit for us," said Faden. Before the addition of D -Tools, Specialty Electronics was utilizing Microsoft Word to create proposals and did not have a solid process. "We got into D -Tools about a month after we started the business, so it's been a big part of our success from the start," said Faden.

D -Tools has helped Specialty Electronics track labor and materials because everything is included in the proposal, leaving little room for error. They can now accurately charge their customers the correct price and deliver exactly what is promised. "D -Tools software allows us to accurately track all of the elements of the project including materials, work orders, and labor, so it really helps us catch any potential errors and ensure that we can account for intangibles," said Faden.

Specialty Electronics has been able to customize the software to better fit the way the company operates, and to reflect its company brand identity, giving proposals a distinctive appearance. "D -Tools is very adaptable and we've created a great business process around it. We knew that when we started the company that D -Tools needed to be our business process," said Faden.

Specialty Electronics has experienced an increase in revenues by 50% every year since they have been in business, with D -Tools playing a major role. Another key factor is their consistent customer satisfaction. "Proposals go over very well to our customers because they are easy to understand and they look professional. Our close ratio is in the 90 percent range," said Faden, "D -Tools has helped us win more business because when our clients are looking at us compared to other companies not using the software, we look like we can get the job done at a higher quality."

Time and cost has also been reduced significantly. "The database saves time and money, because there is no searching, and you don't have to call every vendor, said Faden. "Time has dropped significantly as we mastered the software, and we are consistently getting better and better as we learn new shortcuts, which have helped us cut our production time in half."

Proposals can also be produced and completed much quicker with the use of
D -Tools. "We can write a proposal, interview the potential client in the morning, tweak it throughout the day after talking to client, and have it all done and ready to go by the end of the same day," said Faden.

"It's been great working with the D -Tools team. The technical team is very responsive, and the training has been very effective. The thing I like about the company is that they listen and actually apply my suggestions - things that I've mentioned to the team actually make it into the next versions. That doesn't normally happen with other companies."

About Specialty Electronics

Specialty Electronics is located at 2700 Immokalee Road # 6, Naples Florida, 33912. Our phone number is 239 -593 -7330. Please visit our website at specialtyelectronics.biz. We have been in business since 2003.

About D -Tools, Inc.

D -Tools is a worldwide leader in easy -to -use, highly accurate system design software. The company, founded in 1998 and based in Concord, California, offers a wide range of products and services created to simplify the complicated design, engineering, documentation and estimating processes that accompany residential and commercial installation projects of any size. Over 2,000 leading companies use D -Tools software to reduce time and costs and streamline the system integration process. D -Tools is the recipient of the Consumer Electronics Association's Mark of Excellence Award (2004, 2005, 2006), National Systems Contractors Association and Sound and Video Contractor's Innovations in Technology for Business Productivity Award (2004, 2005) and CE Pro's High Impact Award for Design Software. For more information, contact
D -Tools at (866) 386 -6571, e -mail at info@d -tools.com or visit D -Tools online at
www.d -tools.com.


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