- No Expense was Spared in Creating the Absolute Finest On-Wall Speakers Custom Built to Match Every Flat Panel Display-

ANN ARBOR, MI - August 29, 2006 -Leon Speakers Inc., a world leader in custom built, audiophile -grade on -wall loudspeakers for flat panel displays, today announced it will debut the newly developed Profile™ Ultima Series at CEDIA EXPO 2006 in Denver, CO. The Ultima Series is a no -compromise, audiophile - grade range of on -wall speakers designed to deliver uncompromising high fidelity audio reproduction. Using world -class components, Ultima series feature Focal Utopia "W" cone woofers and factory matched Morel MDT33 tweeters in bass -reflex enclosures built from ¾" solid MDF. All Leon Speakers are custom finished to exactly match any flat panel display.

"Profile Ultima Series is a no -compromise, reference -grade on -wall system designed for the extreme audiophile" said Jeff Gordon, CEO of Leon Speakers "The Ultima Series delivers an uncommon level of sophistication, both sonically and visually."

The new Ultima Series Left , Right and Center channel speakers feature ultra -linear dual 5 1/4 -inch Focal Utopia "W" cone woofers and factory matched Morel MDT33 11/8 cloth dome tweeters to produce an utterly transparent and brilliant sound with an incredibly flat and accurate frequency response (+/ - 3dB). All Ultima speakers are equipped with truly phase -coherent crossovers and feature extremely low mass diaphragms for incredibly fast transient response.

The available timbre -matched surround sound speakers are crafted from solid MDF and meticulously finished by hand. Designed to accompany all Profile Ultima speakers, the Ultima Surround Sound speakers utilize the same world -class drivers, but are housed in a smaller cabinet. Only four inches deep, they allow for easy on -wall installation and superb stereo imaging.

The beautifully styled, expertly crafted cabinets are finished by hand to match the exact width and color any plasma or LCD TV, LCD or DLP rear projection screen. Grill cloths match the color of the corresponding display unless otherwise requested. Custom speaker and grill colors are available at additional cost.

Highly specialized mounting brackets, including an exclusive articulating mount to accommodate almost every conceivable installation and application are also available, making the installation quick, simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Availability and Pricing

Profile Ultima Series speakers are available now. Prices start at $38955.00 MSRP per pair for model PR Ultima (Left/Right). Center channel model PRUltima -Center start at $2495.00 each
Timbre and finish -matched surround speakers model PR -Ultima -S are available at $1995.00 per pair.

About the Leon Speaker Corporation
The Leon Speaker Corporation, established in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a worldwide leader in high -performance, audiophile -grade on -wall loudspeakers. Leon Speakers pioneered the design, research, development and refinement of high -fidelity on -wall loudspeakers. Today, this innovative company meticulously hand crafts a full range of elegant loudspeaker solutions custom built and finished to match the exact dimensions and finish of any flat panel display or custom color.

For more information, please call 1 -888 -213 -5015 or visit www.leonspeakers.com.


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