Streaming21 Powers Japan\'s First IP Broadcasting Service over Open Networks for GEO@Channel

Offers Residential VOD & Live TV Broadcast Services with No Restrictions on Domestic ISPs

Tokyo, Japan - August 22, 2006 ¡V Streaming21, the world's leader in broadcast -quality streaming solutions, today announced that it has successfully rolled -out Japan's most popular residential Video -On -Demand (VOD) & IP Broadcasting services for GEO@Channel, operated by Enterwave. GEO@Channel will be the first IP broadcasting service in Japan that offers full -screen TV playback with delivery through open networks. In contrast to traditional live video channels over the Internet that users often see on the PC, the GEO@Channel uses Set -top Box (STB) with high -quality, full -motion video playback on TV. Also, unlike traditional IPTV services, which rely on expensive managed network, GEO@Channel service works over the Internet and is available to any broadband users in Japan, regardless of domestic ISP to which users subscribe. This unique home entertainment service targets to capture millions of new users by the end of this year on a national scale.

Shinichi Asano, President of Enterwave said, "Thanks to Streaming21's groundbreaking technology, GEO@channel can now offer appealing VOD and live broadcast services to subscribers from any ISP. Streaming21's innovative IPTV technologies break the boundaries and limitations that telcos and broadband service operators have been suffering from closed IP environment. By adapting Streaming21's solutions, we will continue to enjoy tremendous increases in subscribers and ARPU."

GEO@Channel offers more than 5 channels with expansion capability to 40 channels, including America's hottest Nickelodeon channels for Children (Japanese and English), e, Bloomberg Television, Paradise TV and Reality TV, etc. It also allows members to rent Hollywood movies, Japanese movies, animations, and TV drama titles without having to visit a video shop (through NEO Index's Nextensive VOD service) and access various other broadband -based services in the comfort of their home by simply hooking up a special tuner (Set -Top Box or STB) to the TV set.

Dr. Joe Lin, President and CEO of Streaming21 said, 'Enterwave's GEO@Channel represents one of the most exciting successful stories in Japan's IPTV history. This milestone project further strengthens Streaming21's unwavering commitment to working with Enterwave, Japan's leading VOD service provider, to create compelling new TV experiences that will attract customers and add tremendous values to service providers.' He added, "Streaming21 is the world's only interactive IPTV solutions provider over fixed, mobile and open networks. The company's innovative "adaptive jitter management" technology enables jitter -free stream delivery over open network compared to a managed network to operate IPTV services. Not only Tier 1 Telco could offer IPTV service, but also any xSP could easily provide IPTV without dedicated networks. This breakthrough technology is running successfully in Japan. We expect to replicate our successes to our customers in Asia Pacific, Europe and then to the US soon."

Streaming21 has won many Tier 1 Telcos and IPTV service providers, including NTT Communications, Index Group, VIC TOKAI and TEPCO in Japan, as well as Korea Telecom (KT), and Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom (CHT). Streaming21 team helps customers rollout IPTV services with world -class efficiency and professionalism.

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About Streaming21
Streaming21 is the world leader in providing interactive IPTV solutions over Fixed -Mobile -Convergence (FMC) and open networks. The solutions successfully enable fixed, mobile, or xSP operators to generate revenues from services delivered across heterogeneous networks. Streaming21's groundbreaking technologies enable digital video entertainment anytime, anywhere and on any device. Built upon a revolutionary and patented architecture, Streaming21's solutions enable the deployment of rich -media services with carrier -class scalability, 24/7 operations, and broadcast -quality delivery. The solutions use standard hardware to lower the total cost of ownership and can deliver content to more users concurrently with patented technologies. The platform is open and flexible to readily integrate value -added services. To learn more about Streaming21's solutions and industry leading partners, please call +886 -2 -2500 -0680 or visit

About Enterwave
Enterwave is the leading provider of consumer VOD services in Japan. It's 'GEO@Channel' is the first VOD and other broadband -based services of Japan's package media rental industry, which allows customers to rent videos without having to visit a video shop. To learn more about Enterwave and GEO@Channel, please visit and www.geo

About NEO Index and Nextensive®
NEO Index is a pioneer in VOD business. It operates 'Nextensive®' (TV -based VOD using STB / broadband -based digital video rental service, etc.) video -on -demand service with among the largest subscriptions in Japan. The services are provided to end -users through channel partners including ISPs (Internet Service Providers), apartment / condominium developers, hotels, hospitals, Karaoke establishments, Internet cafes and amusement parks. The company has licensing agreements with the largest number of contents holders including Japanese movie distributors and production companies, with direct agreements with Hollywood's seven major studios, i.e. Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros., Buena Vista International, 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal International Television¡@Distributio, MGM Studios, and Paramount Pictures Global. (Approx. 13,000 titles handled including 5,000 titles currently available as of the end of July 2006). To learn more about this service, please visit

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