OmniMount Revolutionizes Flat Panel Furniture w/Introduction of Sleek & Stylish Moda Wall Furniture

Moda Wall Furniture Provides a Stylish Solution for Flat Panel-Based Home Theater Systems Where Space is Limited and Connected Components and Power Sources are Not Easily Manageable

Denver, Sept. 14, 2006 - OmniMount Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that as a leader in home theater mounting solutions, the company is pioneering a new category of flat panel furniture. Its new Moda Wall Furniture System is now shipping nationwide and internationally and will be featured at the 2006 CEDIA Expo, held from Sept. 14 -17 in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center, booth 551.

"Installation of the flat panel based on the position of the connected components and location of the power source from the wall could be quite costly if an electrician needs to come in and conceal the cables behind the wall or to move/install an existing power outlet directly behind the wall mounted flat panel," explained Brett Stenhouse, OmniMount VP of Marketing. "OmniMount's Moda Wall Furniture System is an easy -to -install, aesthetically pleasing and functional wall furniture for the do -it -yourself (DIY) consumer that also includes premium, integrated cable management, thus eliminating the need to re -wire existing power sources and/or conceal component cables behind walls in order to eliminate unsightly dangling wires."

Stenhouse added that flat panel television sales are ever -increasing, yet most consumers do not realize the importance of installation and cable management unless the dealer points this out to them during their new flat panel television purchase, or after the consumer gets the product home. OmniMount's sleek and stylish Moda Wall Furniture System provides a step -up option to OmniMount's Elegante Wall Furniture system by providing a solution to those who require ample and adaptable cable management for their new flat panel -based home theater system where connected components and available power sources are not easily manageable.

"As there is no need to route the cables through the wall, the Moda Wall Furniture System provides immediate access to all cable and components in the need to service or repair any electrical equipment," Stenhouse added. "Should wiring need to be upgraded or repaired, the cable management covers can be removed for fast and easy access to repair or replace what is needed, all without the need to fish wires from inside the wall."

Moda features include:
a) ease -of -installation, including a custom installation template
b) ample cable management, including 8 -inch and/or 16 -inch "Blanks" that will allow for the integration of hidden cable management for any length wall
c) Two shelve sizes (12 -inch and 18 -inch) to integrate different connected center channel and component dimensions
d) sleek and modern aesthetics in a real wood veneer finish
e) affordability

OmniMount has utilized its successful experience in both the wall furniture and cable management areas to create the Moda Wall Furniture System, thus saving the consumer unnecessary time and money by not having to hire an electrician to rewire their home in order to integrate a hidden cable management system. Moda's sleek styling and adaptable shelving system will also allow the consumer to purchase a wall furniture system that matches their electronic system's and viewing room's exact needs.

Pricing for the Moda Wall Furniture System is $299.95.

OmniMount is based in Phoenix, Ariz. For nearly 30 years, OmniMount products have been recognized for groundbreaking design, the highest quality, and long term reliability. Today, OmniMount offers hundreds of mounting solutions to meet the needs of nearly any application. From mounting the smallest to the largest of speakers, to any size or shape of CRT or LCD television, and an elegant line of stylish and functional furniture, OmniMount offers a wide variety of products to maximize the Home Theater experience. Visit

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