Crestron Expands infiNET™ Wireless Mesh Network Control Products

Crestron is introducing wireless thermostat controls, floor lamp dimmers and other control products for integration in a whole house automation system

DENVER, CO, September 14, 2006 - Crestron continues developing new products operating on its exclusive infiNET™ wireless mesh networking technology, eliminating the need for physical control wiring. New for CEDIA 2006 Crestron is introducing wireless thermostat controls, floor lamp dimmers and other control products for integration in a whole house automation system. Instead of opening walls and pulling cable for retrofit installations, infiNET enables wireless control of various subsystems such as lighting and HVAC. Crestron will showcase its new infiNET products at CEDIA booth #132/SR -1.

The CLF -DIMRFB is a free -standing dimmer module designed to sit on the floor, providing dimming control of a conventional floor lamp or table lamp. Local dimming control is enabled via a built -in footswitch, and also operates as part of a complete Crestron automation system communicating via the infiNET wireless control network.

Improving on traditional radio frequency wireless communication, Crestron's infiNET Wireless Mesh Network technology utilizes an embedded 2.4 GHz RF wireless network, providing more stable, reliable communications over larger areas without adding additional gateways. Built into each control device is an RF transceiver chip. Each transceiver, or "node", can act as a repeater, supporting multiple redundant signal paths within a mesh network topology. Only one gateway located in the central equipment rack is required. infiNET lighting dimmers and thermostat keypad controllers fit into standard single -gang J -boxes on the wall providing an "instant infrastructure."

The ultimate benefit to this robust new technology is as a simple, cost -effective solution for retrofit and landmark installations. infiNET is also the perfect solution for applications in which wire cannot easily be pulled such as large commercial buildings with solid concrete structural walls. System design, installation, and upgrade could not be easier. No additional cabling is necessary, so walls and other physical structures remain intact, greatly reducing installation time and expense. Adding, removing or relocating control devices in an existing installation is just as easy. The introduction of Crestron's infiNET wireless mesh network devices makes retrofit installations practical and cost -effective.

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