Yitran has signed a Memorandum of understanding with Haier

Yitran has begun to collaborate with Haier for the purpose of making the IT800 technology the standard for Home Automation in China.

Beer -Sheva ISRAEL - July 30, 2006 -

Yitran Communications Ltd., a leading supplier of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, has signed a Memorandum of understanding with Haier - a Chinese giant appliances manufacturer, defining close collaboration between the companies and the promotion of YITRAN IT800 technology to become a new PLC standard for Home Networking. The latter will be decided by the Home Network Standard Workgroup. The Home Network Standard Workgroup, which was established last year consists of over 20 leading companies, including top appliance manufacturers, system integrators and technology vendors. It has already formed a Home Network standard based on wireless communication technology, and now is willing to extend its activities and define PLC technology based national Home Network standard for China.

'We are very excited to take part in this activity of setting a standard for the rapidly growing Chinese Home Network market', said Avner Matmor, Yitran's CEO. 'Over the last few years our IT800 PLC technology has already been selected as part of the home network standards in the US (HomePlug Command Control), Japan (Echonet), Korea (HNCP). Therefore we believe Chinese Home Network Standard Workgroup will find it very suitable for China Home Network market. The IT800 PLC technology has become the de -facto standard in a constantly growing number of countries and markets. Its performance and reliability are high while keeping costs low. We have IT800 technology covering all these points '.

'We have evaluated different PLC technologies and Yitran's IT800 could meet the requirement for home automation" said Mr. Wang Gang, Senior Manager at Haier and the Chairman of Home Network Standard Workgroup. 'We believe that Yitran's technology is well equipped to handle the rough conditions of the power line grids in China. Yitran's technology has already proved itself and is being adopted by Home Network forums in other countries. The good performance would make IT800 become the one of the best choices for home network products '.

About Yitran Communications Ltd.
A fabless semiconductor company, Yitran Communications Ltd. designs, develops, and markets high performance, low cost PLC (Power Line Communication) modem chips and systems. Yitran's products provide robust and reliable communication over the existing electrical wiring and power grids. The technology enables a variety of 'No New Wires' applications, such as Home Automation, Command & Control, AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) and Internet distribution over power lines (in hotels and MDU/MTU markets). Yitran's customer and partner lists include leading companies, such as Renesas, Matsushita Electric Works, Hitachi, KEPCO, Kinden, LG and Microsoft. For further details: http://www.yitran.com/

About Haier.
Haier is the world's 4th largest white goods manufacturer and one of China's Top 100 electronics and IT companies. Haier specializes in technology research, manufacture, trading and financial services. Haier 2005 global revenue was RMB103.9 billion (USD12.8 billion). http://www.haier.com/

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SOURCE: YITRAN Communications Ltd.

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