Prima Technology: New flat panels and elite wall speakers

Prima Technology (a XOCECO company) will introduce a variety of flat-panel LCD and plasma models, including a series of 1080p units from 37"-55", and plasma through 63".

John Merrell, VP of Marketing & Government Affairs for Prima Technology, stated "This CEDIA show isn't about who has the biggest 1080p, the most complex video processor, or the most HDMI inputs. It's which suppliers can stand up and offer licensing and U.S. regulatory credibility long term to businesses - - - including meeting environmental RoHS in 2007 - - - - while providing QC and R&D expertise. There is a tsunami coming that is going to wipe away huge segments of flat panel assemblers, along with the hoards of small OPP (opening price point) sellers. The failure for many new overseas manufacturers will be due to their lack of environmental and regulatory understanding, combined with an ignorance of the CEDIA markets. Many global players have technical capabilities, but few possess both an understanding of North American marketing and the impact of regulatory issues."

Prima Technology (the U.S. structure of XOCECO) is a major flat panel OEM supplier producing a dozen North American brands, including the CEDIA launch of the limited distribution Prima and open -distribution Legend brands. Prima Technology is among a select few companies that already meet 2007 environmental requirements from California to Maine, and has RoHS production facilities already up and running.

Merrell notes, "As we are already among the top 10 global manufacturers in flat panel sales, we sell directly to virtually everyone among the top 20 worldwide CE dealers. With a dozen brands structured against overlap at all pricing tiers of the North American flat -panel market we certainly understand controlled distribution.
Are brands important? You bet. But even Coca -Cola and Pepsi don't live by a single brand and many of their most profitable new products don't carry the parent logo or brand name. It's a whole new world. Retailers don't just carry only the leading soda drink brands and a generic soda. They have expanded to a whole series of fresh choices. For CE retailers it's an even bigger disaster to stand still or to think a secondary brand can only be a generic OPP substitute. Older CE industry consultants who talk up brand recognition are far removed from reality. New data increasingly indicates there are some big names that are damaged goods among multiple generations of premium buyers. New experiences and new brands are part of what's in demand. And for many that's separating yourself from the masses while maintaining image."

New video flat panel announcements include the incorporation of the new CircleQuest™ audio standard, as well as integrated QSound Labs™ audio processing and SRS WOW™ capabilities. These integrated audio refinements are coupled with a new series of high -end pivoting wall -mount speakers (without a visible brand) for flat -panel video integrators. This level of sophistication has been a surprise to many of retailers examining the Prima product assortment.

"As a billion -dollar -plus global OEM manufacturer during CEDIA we have showcased several pre -2007 models audio options as well as video displays. Some of our models are pre -production, but they have some very interesting possibilities for custom specialists. The reaction has been right on target" notes Bill Caire, Senior VP of Sales.

U.S. VP of Marketing, John Merrell adds "We produce a great deal of product which has been erroneously credited to others over the past six years. That includes both entry lines such as our own Advent and Jensen televisions, through many top tier brands - - - we span the complete tier structure. Our unknown presence to consumers ends in 2007 as we extend further outward. Our Prima brand already has established a fifth place market share in Canada through and Legend has its own established base after a recent Canadian launch."

The Prima branded line is sold only to direct purchasers operating as store -front retailers or with custom integrator showrooms. "There will be no sub -distribution, no wholesalers, no non -stocking dealers, and trans -shipping is already tightly controlled throughout North America" notes Merrell.

Ned Kirk, Prima's Strategic Services Manager states that "We were told from both product designers and focus -study retailers that our products required visual impact even with the TV turned off. We've eliminated all 4x3 LCD models and provided new 19" -63" models coupled with full HD resolution and upscale customized cabinets. And our own North American Call Centers have been up and running for 5 years."

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