JVC LAUNCHES 40" & 46" 1080p LCD TVs

Both screen sizes available with RS-232C control interface.

DENVER, September 14, 2006 - JVC brings full HD performance to the LCD TV category with a pair of new large -screen 1080p LCD high definition televisions. To meet the needs of both retail customers and custom installers, the new JVC 40 - and 46 -inch LCD TVs are available with or without an RS -232C interface. Both also offer a wide range of connectivity options and sleek, new cabinets.

JVC's new 1080p LCD TVs are the 40 -inch LT -40FN97 and 46 -inch LT -46FN97, and the RS -232C -equipped LT -40FH97 and LT -46FH97. Each uses a 1920 x 1080p native resolution panel. Outstanding picture quality is ensured through the use of JVC's Genessa 32 -bit CPU video processing, incorporating the fifth generation of JVC's D.I.S.T. (Digital Image Scaling Technology) with Genessa picture processing, which seamlessly up -scales any video source to display at full high definition 1080p. Standard definition signals are improved through new Natural Progressive IP conversion, improved scaler performance and a new PLL system that improves the performance of a composite signal.

Genessa includes a Digital Video Noise Reduction that reduces the "graininess" for both analog and digital video source, a Block Noise Suppressor that detects and eliminates "block noise", a Mosquito Noise Suppressor that eliminates noise in low bit -rate signals without degrading the image, and a 3D Y/C comb filter with DTV Cross Color Eliminator that uses an advanced 10 -bit 3D Y/C separation process to eliminate cross color and dot interference that is imbedded in older source material.

In addition, the audio performance of some new JVC LCD TVs is improved through the use of MaxxBass®, digital signal processing that extends the perceived bass performance, a built -in parametric equalizer for more accurate frequency response, and in the LT -46FN97, JVC's twin oblique cone speakers for natural sound.

JVC's new 1080p LCD TVs feature a new ATSC/DRC/QAM/NTSC tuning system, MaxxBass and parametric equalizer, two IEEE 1394 inputs, two HDMI inputs, two component inputs, two S -Video inputs, PC input and an AV output.

Prices and Availability:
Model National Ad Value
LT -40FN97 $3,799.95
LT -46FN97 $4,599.95
LT -40FH97 $4,099.95
LT -46FH97 $4,799.95

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