Global Cache\' and Home Cinema Solutions Announce Product Compatibility

Home Cinema Solutions' Chipmunk AV Controller Application includes plug-in for GC-100 Network Adapter

Jacksonville, OR USA - August 15, 2006 - Global Caché, the award winning provider of IP -enabling products for homes and businesses, and Home Cinema Solutions, providers of the Chipmunk AV Controller, a .NET application for controlling audio and video entertainment systems for the home, announced today that Home Cinema Solutions has implemented a full featured plug -in for its Chipmunk AV application to support Global Caché's GC -100 Network Adapters. All of the GC -100 features are supported, including the transmitting and receiving of serial data, relay control, and infrared transmission using the popular Pronto CCF format. Chipmunk can receive and respond to the events raised by the GC -100, such as sensor input changes. The plug -in is immediately available from the company's website (

Global Caché's products include the GC -100 Network Adapter, a flexible and easy to use hardware device connecting infrared (IR), serial (RS232), relay (contact closure) devices, and sensor input to a network. The GC -100 enables the use of network -based software to control and automate diverse devices throughout a home and business. In addition, Global Caché provides IR learning devices, sensors, and other connectivity products to connect previously unconnected systems to a network. Global Caché products are based upon open systems and accepted industry standards. Home Cinema Solutions is the creator and developer of Chipmunk AV Controller, a .NET application that makes it easy and affordable to control a home cinema system.

"Everyone is looking for a simple and affordable entertainment control system," says Robin Ford, Global Caché's VP of Business Development. "We think the combination of Chipmunk AV Controller software and our GC -100 Network Adapter delivers just that - a versatile, easy -to -use system that is extremely cost -effective. We expect that it will be very popular in the home market."

Dr. Shaun Brown, Managing Director of Home Cinema Solutions, agreed, saying "The combination of the GC1 -00 and Chipmunk AV Controller makes for an elegant and cost -effective solution. In one convenient and tidy enclosure the GC1 -00 offers all the connectivity required to operate a home cinema; while Chipmunk AV Controller works silently in the background keeping everything under control."

About Global Caché, Inc.
Global Caché is dedicated to producing state -of -the -art products that enable technology in homes and businesses. Our award -winning GC -100 Network Adapter provides the means for PC -based automation and management software to access, control, and deliver services in a networked environment to diverse and previously unconnected devices and appliances. In addition, Global Caché provides an IR learner, winner of the prestigious CEPro Product of the Year award for IP -enabling, sensors, and conversion cabling to connect previously unconnected systems to a network. Global Caché sells through distributors, VARs, and OEMs. For more information on Global Caché and our products and services or to place an order, visit online at or call us at 541 -899 -4800.

About Home Cinema Solutions
Home Cinema Solutions, based in London, England is the creator and developer of the popular Chipmunk AV Controller application. For more information on Home Cinema Solutions please visit online at

To view this announcement online, please visit -homecinemasolutions.html

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