PROJECTIONDESIGN BRINGS INNOVATION TO CEDIA With a full line of advanced DLP home cinema projectors

Ridgefield, NJ (August 11, 2006) - projectiondesign, a world leader in innovative DLP® projection technology, presents its full line of advanced DLP projectors for home cinema applications at CEDIA EXPO 2006. The company's Action! DLP projectors, which are now shipping, will be at the projectiondesign booth #461 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, September 14 -17. These include the Action! model one mk III; the Action! model two; the Action! model three; and the firm's premier home cinema unit, the Action! model three 1080.

"It's an exciting time for us and for the home cinema industry," says Gary Plavin, president of projectiondesign in North America. "CEDIA EXPO is the world's #1 residential electronic systems industry show. And we'll be showcasing our outstanding selection of new home cinema models demonstrating our innovative DLP projection technologies."

The premium Action! model three 1080 single chip DLP projector delivers true 1080 native high -definition (1920 x 1080p) resolution, film -like image quality with an enhanced level of cinematic realism and depth over any DLP projector available. The Action! model three 1080 with Crystalio™ II. The world's most technologically advanced video processor incorporates projectiondesign's patented DuArch illumination architecture featuring dual lamps, dual seven -segment color wheels and light formatters to deliver user -adjustable on -screen brightness from 500 to 2500 ANSI Lumens, enough for even the largest home theater screens. The use of new Texas Instruments BrilliantColor™ technology increases secondary color influence and improves color saturation. The Action! model three 1080 is built to operate continuously in home cinemas and includes options that provide the ultimate set of tools for adjusting the image to specific applications.

The HD -ready Action! model three combines single -chip High -Definition DLP HD2+DC3™ DMD technology with 1280 x 720 resolution and the highly regarded Faroudja DCDi™ FLI2310 deinterlacing chipset for high -end, high -performance video processing. It is compatible with both standard -definition and high -definition analog input sources. Incorporating Texas Instruments HD2+ DC3 DMD™ technology with projectiondesign's patented DuArch light engine technology, the Action! model three reaches a sequential contrast of up to 7500:1 for unmatched dynamic images and black levels, no matter what the reference is.

The Action! model one mk III, one of the first projectors to use the enhanced HD2+ DC3 (DarkChip3) DLP technology from Texas Instruments with 1280 x 720 resolution, introduces two new technologies: reduced vias and smaller gaps between the pixels. DC3 greatly enhances contrast, with up to 25% over the standard HD2+ DC2™, and delivers an incredible 4000:1 ratio. The results are deeper blacks, better black color point, and greatly improved perceived black. This projector is HD ready.

The Action! model two offers high -performance HDTV in a small footprint, at an affordable price. The first projector of its class to offer true optical lens shift, this projector uses Texas Instruments single -chip HD2+ DC3 DLP technology, all -glass optics, UniBoard electronic architecture, magnesium chassis and high -end video processing. In addition, projectiondesign added RealColor image management for outstanding colors; and easy in -field projector calibration and set -up. It offers an unmatched combination of image dynamics and visual resolution.

"High -definition, front -projector enthusiasts have never had so many projectiondesign choices available to them," Plavin points out. "And CEDIA EXPO 2006 is the best place to see them."

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CONTACTS: Gary Plavin, Projectiondesign
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Corporate Information
Headquartered in Fredrikstad, Norway, projectiondesign is a worldwide leader in advanced, high -performance DLP -based projection solutions for challenging applications in professional, business, home cinema and eCinema markets. Numerous industry milestones including the introduction of the world's first single -chip SXGA DLP projector in 2002, the world's first single -chip SXGA+DLP in 2004 and the world's brightest single -chip SXGA+DLP projector in 2004 distinguish its award -winning, innovative technology.

For additional details, contact Gary Plavin at projectiondesign, 1121 Edgewater Ave., Unit #4, Ridgefield, NJ 07657 (Tel: 201 -943 -1616) or visit

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"DuArch" is a trademark of projectiondesign. All rights reserved. "DCDi" is a trademark of Faroudja. "BrilliantColor" is a trademark, and "DLP," "DC2," "DC3" and "DMD" are registered trademarks, of Texas Instruments Incorporated®. All brands and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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