Digital Life Works Launches

A Revolutionary New Digital Home Operating PlatformSM that Streamlines the Discovery and Delivery of Managed Service/Software-as-a-Service Solutions for Consumers

Waltham, MA, August 8, 2006 - Digital Life WorksSM (DLW), a Digital Home Operating Platform and user -facing portal that streamlines the discovery, sale, provisioning, and management of software, software -as -a -service and related products, is launching this week with an already established world -wide membership community and twelve solution partners in place at the time of launch.

Digital Life Works offers free Membership to consumers with opportunities to purchase many innovative value -added services provided by third -party vendors. The first version of the site brings together twelve online digital services from automated PC maintenance, to sophisticated network management, to remote data backup, and online photo sharing. It also allows users to integrate emerging digital telephony services such as conference calling and ring -tone management. The Platform is also available to broadband providers on an OEM, re -branded basis to rationalize and leverage existing and new value -added service offerings to their subscribers.

"Our platform enables broadband providers to integrate revenue producing value -added services in the same context as traditional PC -centric solutions. It makes finding new services and leveraging the triple and quad -play offerings simpler and easier for subscribers" says Anne Marie Biernacki, founder and Chief Technology Officer. Solutions and partners available or participating through DLW include WebRoot® Software, Network Magic®, Netstellar®, Citrix® Online, BuyTelco®, Handsfree Networks®, CallWave®, eVoice®, and®. An additional eight managed services vendors have requested placement on the platform. The site also includes the company's highly rated remote eSupport remote technical support service.

"Better control of the underlying digital home infrastructure is a critical factor to adoption in the consumer market. Equally important is simplifying the discovery process and user experience in an increasingly complex and over crowded marketplace" says Biernacki. The member dashboard helps users find new, innovative tools that help them do more with digital technology in a familiar user -friendly context. It included the first generation of an automated 'smart' installation feature to streamline the download and install process and lower the risk that users get frustrated, or make preventable errors during installation. "As much as our customers don't want to read an installation manual or wrestle with unknown conflicts and install errors, our partners don't want to get tech support calls for what should be a simple, streamlined process for obtaining the value -added solutions for Home IT that they need" says Biernacki.

"A proactive approach in diagnosis of digital home challenges and the recommendation of appropriate action on the part of the consumer will be the basis to overcoming the challenges inherent in the proliferation of a growing number of 'digital lifestyle' products and services," says Kurt Scherf, vice president and principal analyst with market research firm Parks Associates. "Solutions such as Digital Life Works are key to establishing stronger links between a service provider and a subscriber by making performance, maintenance, and diagnostic information available to the end -user and in making recommendations for value -added services and features."

The DLW Platform was designed to address the complexity in the software, software -as -a -service, and MSO value -added service marketplace for both consumers and network providers. "The confluence of new home entertainment alternatives, as well as the need for greater reliance on home offices to perform day -to -day job responsibilities makes the Digital Life Works platform very timely," according to Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director of THINKstrategies. "If it achieves it's potential, the DLW Platform can become a 'triple -play' winner by helping customers overcome the complexities of today's technology, helping Internet Service Providers (ISPs) deliver more reliable and profitable services, and helping digital solution vendors gain greater access to end -users via ISP networks."

Retail customers can access Digital Life Works at

About DLW
Digital Life Works is a digital home operating platform that facilitates the discovery, sale, provisioning, and management of software, software -as -a -service and related products. DLW has established a world -wide community of users seeking a simplified, automated, user -friendly environment for finding solutions that help them integrate digital technology into the fabric of their lives. The DLW Platform enables broadband service providers to achieve sustained growth in ARPU, reduce the time and cost of deploying new value -added services and related post -launch call center expenses, and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a comprehensive set of solutions that the digital home market demands. The Platform also enables providers to more tightly integrate existing or new data, voice, and video value -added services within the providers' branded user experience.

DLW is a product of The Digiticians®, LLC, a leading provider of automated digital home infrastructure management solutions. Press and analyst inquiries please contact

Digital Life Works
330 Bear Hill Rd. Suite 230
Waltham, MA 02451
T: 781 -290 -0910
F: 781 -890 -2212

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