Digiconcepts Integrates SAFERhome™ Standards Into 2006 PNE Prize Home

Digiconcepts achieves SAFERhome™ Certification for the 2006 PNE Prize Home which promotes an ergonomically safer, universal, sustainable and electronically prepared home.

Delta, BC - July 27, 2006 - Digiconcepts Home Technologies (www.digiconcepts.ca) today announced its relationship with The Safer Home Society (www.saferhomesociety.com) to integrate the SAFERhome™ standard with the Smart Home technology installed into the 2006 lottery home under the direction of Laan Group Consulting (www.laangroupconsulting.com). The 2006 PNE Prize Home, debuting at The Fair at the PNE, Vancouver BC, August 19 - September 4, 2006.

At a cost of less than $1,000 per housing unit, the SAFERhome Certification Program (SHCP) is a cost -effective means for consumers and developers to ensure housing meets the rapidly changing needs of our population. The SHCP is a simple, 19 -point design overlay for any new residential or commercial building plan. Our standards do not require any changes to existing building codes or bylaws. Certified houses are labeled and assigned a registration number with the SHCP central office, thereby ensuring consumers that their home or building meets the SAFERhome Standards.

SHCP 19 - Point Criteria:
• All exterior thresholds are flush
• Interior thresholds meet minimal code constraints
• Bath and shower controls offset from centre
• Pressure/temperature control valves on all shower faucets
• 2" X 12" blocking lumber in all washroom, tub, shower and toilets locations
• Waste pipes brought in at 12" to the centre of the pipe from floor level
• Cabinets underneath sinks easily removable
• Doors a minimum of 34" wide but still should ideally be 36"
• Hallways and stairways a minimum of 40" wide but should ideally be 42" wide
• Light switches 42" floor to the centre of the electrical box from the finished floor
• Receptacles 18" floor to the centre of the electrical box from the finished floor
• Electrical receptacles placed as follows:
i. Beside windows, especially where draperies may be installed
ii. Top and bottom of stairways
iii. Beside the toilet
iv. Above external doors (outside and inside)
v. On front face of kitchen counter
vi. At Node Zero location (location where all the wires meet in one place to enable technology)
• Larger grey electrical boxes utilized
• Fourplex receptacles in master bedroom, home office, garage and rec room
• Level 5 (4 pair) telephone pre -wire to all areas returning to one central area
• RG -6 coaxial cable runs returning to one central area
• All low voltage runs return to one central area
• Walls at the top of stairs reinforced with 2"X12" at 36" to centre
• Either: allowance made for elevator in stacked closets or make the staircase 42" wide

"We are very excited to be working with the Safer Home Society on this project", says Digiconcepts Home Technologies CEO, Rudy Stebih. "By following the SHCP, as we have always done in the past on all our projects, we were able to achieve SAFERhome™ compliancy without changing any of our business practices."

About Digiconcepts
Digiconcepts Home Technologies (www.digiconcepts.ca) is a Delta, BC based company which designs, installs and maintains custom systems for Dolby Digital / DTS / THX Home Theatre, Multi -Room Audio / Video, Complete Home Automation, Lighting Control, Satellite, Cable TV / PC, CCTV Cameras, Telephone / Intercom, Data Network Systems and Structured Wiring.

About SAFERhome Standards Society
The SAFERhome Standards Society (www.saferhomesociety.com) was founded in 2004 and is a non profit, public interest organization incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia. The mission of the Society is to promote the adoption and use of housing standards and practices that are safe, healthy and sustainable for everyone in the community. To achieve its objective the Society provides home planning assistance, home inspection and certification programs for new home construction industry. SHSS also provides educational programs, publications, seminars and conferences while acting as a public interest lobby group with government and industry for the adoption of SAFERhome building standards and practices.

Further Information:

Rudy Stebih - (604) 599 -7943
E -Mail: rstebih@digiconcepts.ca

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