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New D-ILA projectors and video processors showcased

Austell, GA, August 2006 -Meridian Audio Ltd, the leading UK -based manufacturer of high -end audio, video and home theater systems and components, has unveiled its' latest full -spec HD video projectors and processors. Launched under the 'Faroudja® by Meridian' brand name, following the exclusive licensing deal struck last year with Genesis Microchip, Inc., the new systems bring reference -grade home cinema imaging to the most demanding customers.

Just introduced is a pair of three -chip DILA projectors, and a reference -quality video processor engineered to maximize their potential. Both the DILA1080MF1 and DILA1080MF2 projectors employ three native 1920x1080 D -ILA chips (approximately 6.22 million pixels) for smooth, flicker -free images of incredible resolution, without visible pixel structure. The net result is detailed, depth -rich, amazingly film -like reproduction that dramatically reproduces cinematic visuals including subtleties of cinematography such as film -grain and lighting details that have seldom been appreciated in home cinema environments.

The principal distinctions between the two projector models are the MF2's omission of the MF1's motorized zoom/focus optics, and the MF1's advantage in contrast -ratio of about 15 percent. The MF1 also features a vertical lens shift of 60% making it extremely installer friendly. In addition, the MF1 features an advanced ultra -low -noise cooling system that, as well as minimizing projector noise, cools down the projector in just a minute or so after switch -off. Both projectors accept 1080p signals via single HDCP -compatible DVI -D inputs. Multiple video inputs are not necessary since both projectors are designed for use with a suitable outboard video processor, ideally the new DVP1080MF Digital Video Processor (see below).

The DILA1080MF1 and MF2 projectors deliver near -perfect flat -field uniformity and grey -scale accuracy, for unrivalled depth and detail over the full visual range from light to dark, with shadow detail being especially impressive.

Their color gamut comfortably exceeds current HD television standards, and their exact, carefully balanced gamma curve and superb lens optics combine to provide what is, literally, reference -standard imaging. What's more, each DILA1080MF1 and MF2 projector is individually calibrated to exacting standards at Meridian's UK headquarters.

Both new Meridian projectors are 'pixel -direct' models without internal scalers, designed for use with a suitable, 'no -compromise' outboard scaling component. The ideal choice, and available only in the projector/processor packages, is the DVP1080MF Digital Video Processor, which outputs 1080p signals, ideal for reproduction by either projector, from virtually any video source. This compact, single -rack -space design incorporates Faroudja's unique TrueLife® 12 -step detail processing and DCDi motion -adaptive de -interlacing, for unsurpassed video -signal quality via its HDCP -compatible DVI -D output. The DVP1080MF incorporates flexible aspect -ratio control and image -shift options, as well as auto -detection of HD or standard -def input signals, and includes an internal test -pattern generator.

An alternative processor model, the DVP1080HD, which is available independently from the projectors, includes all the facilities of the DVP1080MF with the addition of multiple progressive analogue video outputs including RGBHV, Component, RGBS and RGsB.

The new projectors and video processors are supplied with dedicated remote controllers which handle both product types, and all incorporate a full range of automation facilities including infrared and RS232 control ports and screen -trigger outputs, permitting easy integration into even the most sophisticated home cinema or media room installation.

Both the DILA1080MF1 Digital Projector (available in Normal and Short -Throw versions) and the DILA1080MF2 Digital Projector are available as packages with the DVP1080MF, or on their own. All products are presently available and shipping.

Suggested Retail Pricing:
DILA1080MF1 with either Normal or Short Lens $20,995.00
DILA1080MF2 with Normal Lens $14,500.00
DILA1080MF1 with DVP1080MF $25,995.00
DILA1080MF2 with DVP1080MF $19,495.00
DVP1080HD $6,995.00

Meridian Audio Limited is based in Huntingdon, near Cambridge, UK, and was founded in 1977 by Allen Boothroyd and Robert Stuart. With a 25 -year history of innovation and development of the highest quality consumer audio systems, the award -winning company is widely recognized as a world leader in digital and analog audio reproduction. Meridian developed the world's first audiophile CD player, the world's first consumer digital surround controller, developed the MLP lossless packing systems mandated for use in DVD -Audio and now in emerging high -definition disk formats, and is the only UK audio hardware manufacturer to be a member of the DVD Forum. The company's optical disk players, DSP -based loudspeakers and Digital Theater systems are unique in the industry, maintaining a super -quality digital audio signal throughout the path from the source to the amplifier, and using digital signal processing to generate advanced crossover characteristics that would be impossible with conventional passive analogue systems. Meridian has recently become the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Faroudja High -Definition video processors and projectors.

Note to Editors: Data sheets and hi -res images of the products are available from media.meridian

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