HomeTech® & HiFiWorks® Step Up Retail -Channel Efforts

New Director of Sales Appointed to Focus on Chain & Home-Improvement Sales

San Clemente, CA -May 2006 -Dana Innovations, parent company of HomeTech & HiFiWorks, Sound Advance and Sonance the world -renowned maker of architectural speakers and custom -installation components, has announced the appointment of Elliot Schwartz as Director of Sales to enhance the presence of the HomeTech® and HiFiWorks® retail -distribution brands. Schwartz's audio -video experience includes management roles with such venerable companies as AR, Bose and KLH. The team will also include National Sales Manager Charell Robinson.

Together Schwartz and Robinson will manage and enhance sales of the HiFiWorks and HomeTech brands with custom installers looking for value -priced, high performing lines as well as the "Do -It -Yourself" market via traditional brick -and -mortar sales. "The self -install market is growing at an astonishing pace," says Elliot Schwartz "As these weekend -warriors seek appropriate products and support, they're increasingly discovering that our two key brands deliver value and performance, depth and breadth of support, and ease -of -installation that are second to none." Continues Schwartz, "HiFiWorks and HomeTech products and resources are empowering DIY -ers to reach for and achieve results that approach those of high -end custom -install pros, for quite literally thousands of dollars less."

The HomeTech and HiFiWorks product lines are already widely available, through selected chain retailers including Frys and Best Buy and a number of key distributors. According to Schwartz, "We are actively pursuing additional distribution opportunities." Each line already offers a complete range of installation solutions, including loudspeakers for in -wall, on -wall, ceiling, and outdoor locations, adjunct electronic components such as speaker -switchers and volume controls, and accessories and cabling. Both lines also include a single -source/4 -zone 8 -channel amplifier with IR keypads and a remote control.

Just as important, each brand also incorporates extensive support into their very corporate fabric, with detailed instructions and guidance packed with every product, web sites that prominently feature step -by -step walk -throughs for each install task, online Q&A zones, and at -the -ready toll -free support lines providing knowledgeable, experienced, individualized help just a phone call away.

What's more, each HomeTech and HiFiWorks design is created with ease of installation as a fundamental -and in both cases, created by the same engineering teams that design the award -winning products of Sonance, Sound Advance, and other Dana brands. This has yielded adaptations of technologies long proven in the Sonance line among others, including the innovative Flexbar® mounting system for simpler, faster in -wall mounting, pivoting tweeters for many in -wall models that permit more flexible and more effective real -world placement, and selections of high -fidelity autoformer -type volume controls offering the convenience and control DIY -ers demand with simplest -possible wiring requirements.

The HiFiWorks and HomeTech brands are each supported by visually dynamic, colorfully eye -grabbing packaging and point -of -sale materials designed for maximum attention -getting powers in crowded, off -the -shelf retail environments. Both brands promise to exploit and enhance this visibility, while continuing to emphasize the two brands' unexcelled support both on -line and by -phone and to maintain their products' superb performance. At the same time, the Retail Division intends to leverage the brands' strong quality reps, solid warranties, and generous margins, with enhanced selective distribution and the consistently excellent customer service that is a well -established trait of all Dana Innovations brands, to create a clear leader for the self -install home -media market. In all cases, the customer service will be second to none.

For more information please visit HiFiWorks by Sonance at www.hifiworks.com, and HomeTech at www.hometechaudio.com. Retailers interested in becoming an authorized dealer, please contact Elliot Schwartz at: elliots@sonance.com, 239 -542 -8348

About Dana Innovations
Headquartered in San Clemente, California Dana Innovations is the parent company of Sonance, Sound Advance, iPort music systems for the iPod, HomeTech and HiFiWorks. The corporation was founded in 1983 by Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer who founded Sonance and introduced the world's first in -wall loudspeaker system to the consumer electronics market. Today, Dana Innovations brands are distributed in 45 countries around the world. Each unique brand offers innovative solutions that harmoniously blend sound with designs favored by leading, architects, interior design professionals, custom integrators, and design conscious clients throughout the world.

For further information visit www.sonance.com, www.soundadvance.com, www.iportmusic.com, www.hometechaudio.com, www.hifiworks.com, or contact the company at 212 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672, Telephone: 800 -582 -0771.

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