Thule Audio (Denmark) offers two new Amplifiers

Thule Audio, Denmark's leading manufacturer of solid state audio equipment, introduces two new high fidelity Amplifiers to US Market for both Home Theaater and Stereo enthusiasts.

Santa Ana, CA - Craig Acoustics, Inc., the US Marketing & Distribution Company for Thule Audio, announced to introduction of several new breakthrough products in their line of amplifiers: the Spirit IA252B and Space IA255B, containing many technological and aesthetical improvements.

Spirit IA252B utilizes Thule's "high efficiency" technology, which reduces the heat generation by up to 60%, compared with standard class AB amplifiers. This means that the amplifier is elegantly compact and will fit into any living room, in spite of its massive 2x 250W (8ohm) output.

IA252B is build with a fully balanced signal path, which consists of two identical amplifier circuits that operate fluidly in relation to ground paths and power supply. Among other things, this effectively removes all noise generated by the power supply. A fully balanced signal path from disc player to speaker terminals can be achieved, if the IA252B is connected with XLR cables to a balanced disc player, such as Thule's DVA150B.

Thule's unique "Virtual Class A" circuit regulates the control voltage to the output transistors in such a way that both the positive and the negative output transistors are active at all times. This eliminates the annoying crossover distortion that develops in standard class AB amplifiers, when the positive and negative output transistors constantly switch on and off.

The combination of "Virtual Class A and a balanced signal path works much like the combination of a diesel engine and a turbo charger, in the sense that both bring out the best in each other: "Virtual Class A eliminates the "asymmetrical" crossover distortion whereas the balanced signal path eliminates the "symmetrical" distortion. The end result is an incomparably low distortion of less than 0.005% at 300W (4 ohm)!

Space IA255B has all the advantages of the IA252B, but it is also capable of delivering 5x 100W. This is achieved simply by selecting the surround input, which activates 3 additional channels. For instance either a SACD or DVD audio disc player can be connected to the multi channel input.

Both the IA252B and the IA 255B can be reconfigured through their data ports to act purely as power amplifiers in a Thule Audio home cinema system with AV100, AV120 or PR350B. In the case of the AV100, for instance, the IA252B can be used to power the front speakers, while the six internal power amplifiers of the AV100 drive the other speakers in an 8.1 system. By adjusting the input selector IA252B/IA255B will switch back to its normal function automatically. By connecting a balanced disc player (e.g. the DVA150B) to the balanced input connection of the IA252B/IA255B you can have both a fully balanced stereo setup and a home cinema in one system.

Both IA252B and the IA255B have WBT loudspeaker connections, and only the best audio grade components have been used in their production. The power supply consists of two massive 350VA transformers with 100.000uF capacitor reservoir. The output stage is equipped with 18 pieces 30 ampere Sanken transistors and 18 pieces 25 ampere darlington slave transistors.

About Thule Audio
Based in Herlev, Denmark, Thule Audio produces fine components that exemplify the unique designs and superb quality that has become a trademark of Scandinavian products for many years. At Thule Audio, we have a passion for music and a total commitment to quality, which in combination with our A/V expertise, results in the production of some of the finest audio video components available today.
The elegant, simple design of our products adds to the overall experience of quality and luxury, and reveals Thule Audio's Scandinavian origin. It also underlines our product philosophy: Thule Audio - Deceptively simple high -end electronicsfrom Denmark!

About Craig Acoustics
Craig Acoustics, Inc., the US importer/ Distributor for Thule Audio, and has over 15 years of experience in performing marketing, sales and service functions in the Audio Video Industry.

Contact Information: 1006 West 20th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92706. Phone is 714.648.0984;
Fax is 714.835.5937;

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