Consumer Electronic Retailers Have One-Stop Shopping at Their Fingertips With The New DBL Distributing Inc 1,104-Page Summer Catalog.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ. - June 13, 2006 - - DBL Distributing, Inc., one of the largest distributors of consumer electronics in the United States, today announced the release of their new 1,104 page summer catalog to dealers nationwide. This comprehensive summer buying guide is considered one of the consumer electronics best resources for wholesale consumer electronics to date. DBL projects that categories such as personal & portable, home theater, custom install and photo/video will prove be the best sellers of the summer among the 2,500 new products and 20 new vendors in this shopping resource for retailers. In addition, DBL has decreased the price on over 1,500 items providing retailers with cost effective restocking options during the busy summer and back to school seasons.

"Our catalog was sent out to over 87,000 retailers nationwide," explains David Lorsch, DBL's President and CEO. "With over 2,500 new products, 1,500 price drops, and 22 new manufacturers, we have produced the ultimate "just in time" resource for consumer electronics retailers. In addition, we have improved our website to enable our customer to make a purchase at the click of a button."

Well -known companies such as Patriot Memory, Blue Ant and Emphasys are the new additions to DBL's widespread list of manufacturing partners. Furthermore, the Pro Audio category has been strengthened with the addition of AKG Acoustics and CAD Professional Microphones. DBL customers are now provided with more buying options than ever before. With the marketplace ever changing, a diverse selection of products gives DBL a large advantage in the marketplace. DBL's new catalog offers a complete mix of consumer electronics, accessories and related products, from F connectors to high definition plasma televisions. DBL has gone to great lengths to focus on the buying needs of their customers and deliver exactly what their customers require in a distribution partner. The continuous expansion of products and categories has further solidified DBL's position as a premier wholesale distributor of consumer electronics and accessories in the United States. Plans for additional expansion are always on the horizon as DBL solidifies its position as a driving force in the distribution channel.

Bruce Kuperman, DBL's executive vice president of sales, calls out several new features of this catalog. "87,000 catalogs were mailed this week, with new products, product lines and better quality pictures. Our goal is to make each catalog easier to use. We strive to make sure that each customer looks to our catalog as the only solution for restocking, custom install and special orders. We feel that we have accomplished this with our new catalog while being able to provide the broadest range of competitively priced brand name product solutions in the industry."

The DBL Catalog is mailed free of charge to most Independent Consumer Electronics and Photo Retailers throughout the United States. The DBL Catalog is also available without wholesale pricing so that dealers may use it as a sales aid to their customers. The "No Price Retail Version" is unbranded which allows DBL's customer's to use DBL's product mix as an extension of their own. Both DBL Catalogs are published three times each year.

About DBL Distributing, Inc.
DBL Distributing, Inc. is one of the nation's top distributors of consumer electronics accessories and related products, with more than 30,000 retail customers nationwide. Headquartered in a custom -built 144,000 square foot facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, DBL carries more than 16,000 products from more than 340 quality manufacturers. DBL offers same day shipping for order placed by 5:00pm MST, a best price for 1 or 100 piece policy and a have no minimum order policy. DBL's business strategy proves that customers come first. For more information please visit http://www.dbldistributing.com/ or contact them at 800.733.6766.

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