NetStreams' Technology Connects and Operates Over IP-Based Home and Commercial Networks

AUSTIN, TX - June 20, 2006 - Naim Audio®, the market leading British manufacturer of home audiophile components and loudspeaker systems, announced today that it will utilize StreamNet™ technology from Austin -based NetStreams®, LLC, for equipping Naim products to connect and operate over Internet protocol -based (IP) home and commercial networks. Naim's decision followed more than a year's research into network connectivity solutions for its products.

"Naim will enter the IP -Based Multi -Room Audio market with a suite of products we call NaimNet, featuring very high quality audio performance and functionality - incorporating NetStreams' StreamNet technology," said Alan Ainsle, VP Business Development for Naim Audio. "The NaimNet networked entertainment products will incorporate the most advanced means of distributing and controlling music and its meta -data, while delivering a rich user experience. The NaimNet family of products will also include music servers for lossless storage of digital music with the most advanced database features and ease of use available."

"Naim is a world leader in the design and manufacture of superior home audio products and systems," said NetStreams CEO and Founder Herman Cárdenas. "Its choice of StreamNet to provide solutions for IP -based connectivity is an unqualified, resounding endorsement of our technology and engineering."

NetStreams' StreamNet technology is currently incorporated in its' award -winning line of DigiLinX™ IP -based multi -room audio/control products. Naim is the second in a group of manufacturers adopting StreamNet technology into their own products, joining Polk Audio, which has already released IP -ready speakers and other manufacturers, announcing later in 2006.

All products that incorporate StreamNet technology will feature the 'Connected by StreamNet' logo, indicating plug and play interoperability and high precision audio synchronization across a TCP/IP network.

About StreamNet
StreamNet, developed by NetStreams, is an IP -based real -time operating system designed to meet the high quality, synchronization, and control demands of the highest -end audio/video and control products.

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams is the undisputed world leader in digital entertainment networks based on Internet protocol (IP) technology. NetStreams' IP -Based & IP -controlled systems, designed for residential and commercial use, handle any number of digital or analog sources and deliver uncompressed content, including high definition audio and video, to an unlimited number of zones. By combining content and control signals in one data stream, NetStreams systems offer new levels of affordability, simplicity, reliability, and expandability, benefiting both installers and end -users with lower costs for installation, set -up, and support.

By utilizing it's patent -pending StreamNet technology,, NetStreams systems enable true plug -n -play integration with other makers' products for entertainment, automation, security, and communications, as well as remote access for control, management, and software upgrades. They provide a stable, easily expandable platform for future products (hardware and software) and new applications. NetStreams is committed to utilizing cutting -edge human factors engineering to create entertainment systems that are truly user -friendly and future compatible. NetStreams is enabling the future of home entertainment today.

For additional information on NetStreams and its innovative products, please visit

About Naim Audio
A passionate and committed interest in music is the foundation stone of Naim Audio that has enabled the company to design and manufacture what Naim believes to be the finest sounding range of audio equipment available in the world today.

While all Naim's products must meet and exceed many measurable parameters Naim believe that they should, above all, be capable of delivering the kind of musical performance that they themselves would want to live with. This requires a special and unique approach to component selection and system design along with a highly specialized production environment. The result is the acceptance of Naim products by music lovers worldwide as having no equals in their respective classes.

Naim has always been cautious of market fashions and believe in being honest with their customers. Consistent top quality musical performance, safety and unsurpassed reliability are highly prized at their head office and manufacturing plant in Salisbury, England.

Naim users across the globe, including numerous musicians, are the company's most discerning critics. They demand the very best and Naim has enjoyed responding to the challenge of bringing them closer to the music. From experience they know that Naim does not release a product unless it has something genuinely new to offer and integrates perfectly into the product range. www.naim

NetStreams is a registered trademark of NetStreams, LLC. StreamNet is a trademark of NetStreams L.L.C.
Naim is a registered trademark of Naim Audio Limited. NaimNet is a trademark of Naim Audio Limited.

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