NSK Delivers 53 -key Alpha -Numeric USB Keyboard

New Standard Keyboards announced a USB-interface computer keyboard, which retains full functionality but departs from traditional 104-key Qwerty designs by placing only 53 keys within easy reach of home position.

NSK Delivers Silver and Black 53 -key Alpha -Numeric USB Keyboard

- - Qwerty Alternative is Ergonomic, Space Saving and Easy to Learn

SANTA MARIA, CA (June 7, 2006) - New Standard Keyboards (NSK) announced shipment of a USB -interface computer keyboard with just 53 -keys, which offers several advances over standard Qwerty keyboard designs for businesses, homes, gamers and assistive technology users.

The new NSK535S with silver casing and black keys with white letters follows the company's first product, NSK535R, which features a "rainbow" of key colors corresponding to their functions. Both models retain full functionality but depart from traditional 104 -key Qwerty designs by placing only 53 keys within easy reach of home position. The approach is an alternative for media PCs, assistive technology users, non -typists who never solved the mystery of Qwerty, as well as for swift business data entry where the clutter of a typical Qwerty keyboard is not needed.

The New Standard keyboard also takes up much less desk space, measuring just 12.5 -inches wide x 5 inches deep x 1 -inch thick. It supports any Windows PC with a USB port. When used with MS Office applications, it also types additional characters directly from the keys.

The keyboard was designed by NSK founder John Parkinson, an electrical engineer with a degree in psychology and background in industrial psychology and ergonomics. Parkinson developed training programs in a typewriter factory prior to designing the New Standard keyboard.

The New Standard keyboard can be learned quickly and differs from previous alphabetical designs because it is also efficient for high speed typing.

Why Introduce a New Keyboard Layout?

The New Standard keyboard brings touch -typing within reach of ordinary computer users. When typing was a specialist job skill, only those adept at it did it. The concept behind this keyboard is to make touch -typing easier so everyone can do it.

A second reason is to provide the means by which non -typists can access information technology at a reasonable pace. The difference between ABC and the Qwerty jumble of letters is often the difference between accessible and inaccessible.

The New Standard keyboard is for those who don't like Qwerty but have to use it because there is no reasonable alternative. It has also proven beneficial for dyslexics and those needing assistive technology. Typing one -handed or with mobility problems can make Qwerty difficult to use, and individuals with disabilities are finding the New Standard keyboard helpful.

The New Standard keyboard has many functional and ergonomic advantages over Qwerty, which makes it a desired accessory for new system buyers and those wishing to upgrade their keyboard. Benefits include:

* Proper posture and improved speed and accuracy from keys aligned with natural movements of fingers. The short -travel key (2mm) with its positive click action is much more responsive for gaming applications
* Faster, easier touch -typing on an efficient, patented letter arrangement
* Wrist comfort at any desk height by selecting forward or backward slope
* Greatly simplified hunt & peck typing on alphabetical keys, color -coded on the NSK535R. The rainbow color scheme on the debut model teaches the different kinds of key functions and aids understanding of the computer itself
* All 53 keys can be easily reached from home position, which is readily found using tactile landmarks, so touch -typing can develop naturally in normal use
* Easy one -handed typing of shift -characters for assistive applications, handicapped users, or just more speed, using centralized shift keys
* Left -handed or right -handed access to centrally -integrated editing keys
* Separate embedded keypads for each hand in numeric keypad mode
* A mouse can go right next to the typing keys
* Small footprint saves desk space
* Only half as many keys to learn
* Portability: compact, lightweight, hot -pluggable with no driver, it also has neat, built -in cable storage.

The New Standard Keyboard has a suggested retail price of $69.95 and is available for a limited time from www.Enablemart.com and direct from New Standard Keyboards.

About New Standard Keyboards

New Standard Keyboards is headquartered in Santa Maria, California. For more information contact the company at 805 -925 -2998, info@newstandardkeyboards.com, www.newstandardkeyboards.com

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