Adtran Named to BusinessWeek\'s Annual List of 100 Hot Growth Companies

ADTRANâ, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTN), a leading supplier of network access equipment, today announced its inclusion in BusinessWeek's Annual List of 100 "Hot Growth Companies."


ADTRAN Ranks 85th in Inaugural Year on List; Hot Growth Special Report Highlights ADTRAN's Profits Rising an Average 55% Over Each of the Past Three Years

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - - (June 2, 2006) - - ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTN), a leading supplier of network access equipment, today announced its inclusion in BusinessWeek's Annual List of 100 "Hot Growth Companies." This is the first year ADTRAN has been awarded this honor and ranks 85th on the list of companies that BusinessWeek describes as 'strong, agile and fiercely competitive.'

As published in the BusinessWeek Hot Growth Special Report 2006, "ADTRAN has learned how to turn phone wires into gold … and among Adtran's hot products: Network routers that sell for thousands less than those offered by Cisco systems, a value proposition that has won ADTRAN many converts among small and midsize businesses." The report also states that ADTRAN's profits have risen an average 55% over each of the past three years, to $101.2 million in 2005, on record sales of $513.2 million.

To determine who's hot and who's not, BusinessWeek combs a database of 5,275 public companies with revenues of $50 million to $1.5 billion a year. They are then ranked by sales and earnings growth, as well as return on capital over three years. To be considered for the final ranking, companies must have a market cap of $25 million or more and a stock that trades for at least $5 a share. Only finalists whose shares rose at least 5% over the past 12 months were included. Recent profit shortfalls can also cause companies to get the ax. Of those still standing, the top 100 make the list.

BusinessWeek's cover story "Hot Growth Companies" is available online at and on newsstands.

ADTRAN, Inc. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment, with an 18 -year history of profitability and a portfolio of more than 1,400 solutions for use in the last mile of today's telecommunications networks. Widely deployed by carriers and enterprises alike, ADTRAN solutions enable voice, data, video, and Internet communications across copper, fiber, and wireless network infrastructures. ADTRAN solutions are currently in use by every major U.S. service provider and many global ones, as well as by thousands of public, private and governmental organizations worldwide.

For more information, contact the company at 800 9ADTRAN (800 923 -8726) or via email at On the Web, visit

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