muvee autoProducer 5 Lets Gamers Automatically Create Compelling Video Summaries of Their Best Plays

muvee, the pioneer and leader in Instant Personal Video, has partnered Gainward Technology to bundle muvee's automatic video production software with Gainward's graphic cards.

Singapore and New York - May 08, 2006 - muvee, the pioneer and leader in Instant Personal Video, has partnered Gainward Technology to bundle muvee's automatic video production software with Gainward's graphic cards. Popular among gamers and enthusiasts, Gainward's GF7900, GF7800, GF7600 and GF6600GT graphic cards will now include muvee autoProducer 5.

Gainward's multi -functional video cards support DVI input and enable users to capture videos and other programs. Using muvee autoProducer software, users can then create their own personalized clips or video summaries completely automatically.

Terence Swee, muvee's Chief Opportunities Officer, said, "This is an excellent way for gamers to create professional action -packed slideshows of their great gaming moments. They can even capture video footage of their game -play and use muvee autoProducer to create an intense music video sequence of their best plays, with effects and transitions paced to the tempo of their chosen music. Our latest Hi -Octane stylePack plug -in is ideal for this."

muvee autoProducer software is the first in the world to deliver an intelligent, automatic and effective home video production solution that caters to the majority of consumers. muvee lets even the most novice user instantly transform unedited video and pictures into compelling, professional -looking 'muvees' - completely automatically in just a few quick steps. Users simply select their video and pictures, add in their favorite music, and apply a muvee style. muvee's Artistic Intelligence™ analyzes the video, pictures and music to select footage highlights and determine the tempo and mood of the music, before automatically splicing everything together with style effects and transitions synchronized to the beat. The end result is a stylish, edited production that can be saved and shared in many popular formats, including DVD.

The Gainward graphic cards with muvee autoProducer 5 will begin shipping in late May 2006, and will be available online and at retail stores across Europe.

About Gainward Technology
Founded in 1984, Gainward is now regarded as one of the top producers of graphic boards in Taiwan. Product lines from Gainward include 3D processor cards, mainboards, MPEG and video -capture cards and TV tuners. With a solid financial base, the merger with the TNC Group secured a stronger industrial position and more commitment to research and development, product quality, overall value and customer service. Gainward has a global presence, with offices in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Hong Kong, with a corporate office in Taiwan.

About muvee
Founded in 2001, muvee is the pioneer and global leader in a dynamic new field: Instant Personal Video. muvee's award -winning autoProducer software for PCs features patented technology that revolutionizes the process of video production, allowing anyone to automatically turn home video and photos into professional -quality productions in hundreds of different styles. Users need no prior experience working with video editing software, and each production is created in seconds. muvee's products are available for the PC, camera phones, photo kiosks and other platforms, and have sold into more than 100 countries worldwide. muvee's global partners include Hewlett -Packard, Nokia, Sony, Nikon and ATI. For more information, please visit

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muvee, n. (pronounced 'mew -vee', always written entirely in lowercase)
1. A professional -quality, music -driven video production that is created in seconds using intelligent, automatic editing technology.
2. An abbreviation for muvee Technologies, the pioneer in Instant Personal Video and creator of muvee autoProducer software.

"muvee" is a registered trademark of muvee Technologies Pte Ltd. For more information, please visit

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