Raritan's New Paragon II KVM Switch Improves IT Management with High Video Performance

-- Paragon II to Manage High-Definition Television Studio at NAB --

SOMERSET, N.J. and LAS VEGAS (April 24, 2006) - Raritan - a leading provider of solutions to simplify IT operations - today announced Paragon® II V4.1 and a new enhanced user station that provide new management features and the industry's highest video screen resolutions over the greatest distance.

The enhancements to the market -leading Cat5 KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch will help IT administrators manage their data centers and will also be useful in broadcast and media production facilities, where editors and other users need secure access to production computers located in centralized, controlled environments.

The new release of Paragon II and the new Enhanced User Station (P2 -EUST), both available this month, provide the following new features:

• Screen resolutions as high as 1600 x 1200 for distances up to 700 feet from the target server. The industry's highest resolution is ideal for displays that show fine details, and situations where hours of intense screen viewing are required. Greater distances can be supported at slightly lower resolutions; and, all resolutions are supported at refresh rates of 60 Hz, 75 Hz and 85 Hz.

• Both automatic and manual video tuning. Having both capabilities is also a first in the industry. With automatic tuning administrators can save setup time - - especially when managing large numbers of servers. With the manual tuning capability, the video signal can be fine tuned for quality as well as individual preferences for viewing comfort. Video settings can be saved to a database for subsequent sessions.

• Support for Pinnacle keyboards. Pinnacle Fast Action Keyboards (FAKs) - - which are used widely in television production studios, master control rooms and post -production facilities - - are supported.

• Video redirection. Video redirection allows users to redirect a target server's video signal from one Paragon II user station to another user station's monitor for easy collaboration and real -time consultation - ideal for applications ranging from network operation centers to broadcast control rooms.

• System -wide reset. From the user station, a system administrator can perform a reset of all connected devices - eliminating the need to go to each Paragon switch within a matrix to perform a system reboot.

• Ghosting. In environments where servers are often moved around and/or reconfigured, Paragon II's "ghosting" feature gives users the choice of preserving the port names associated with a particular KVM computer interface module (CIM) or deleting them.

"Our new Paragon II with high video performance should be very appealing to the broadcast industry, as well as our other target industries," said Marshall Saidel, product manager at Raritan. "Since Raritan introduced the industry's first Cat5 KVM switch, the Paragon has been installed in thousands of data centers including some of the world's largest broadcast and production sites, such as Bloomberg, ESPN and Turner Broadcasting. Paragon II shines in situations that need secure, real -time, non -blocked access to servers with quality video transmission."

Paragon II in State -of -the -Art High -Definition Studio at NAB
As a result of Paragon II's proven performance, it was chosen to support a fully functional high -definition studio at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas this week. Paragon will be used to support the 5,000 -square -foot NAB -HD studio that will be generating high -definition and standard -definition content. Programming will be distributed to displays throughout the convention center, to more than 75,000 hotel rooms, to Web sites and to mobile devices via cellular and Internet services.

About Paragon II
Through an intuitive, on -screen point -and -click interface, Paragon II provides up to 64 simultaneous users secure, non -blocked access for controlling and managing IT equipment - even if the network goes down, because access to IT equipment is through a direct, non -IP network path. By cascading and stacking Paragon II switches, up to 10,000 servers can be managed from one user station. KVM -over -IP access can be added with the optional Paragon II user station (UST -IP). Multiple Paragon II switches can be managed by Raritan's CommandCenter® Secure Gateway, which provides a unique one -screen view of all IT equipment and one -click BIOS -level access to target devices. Paragon II is available in 32 -, 42 - and 64 -port models. Pricing starts at $3,000 (U.S. List). To learn more about Paragon II, go to www.ParagonVideoQuality.com.

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