Rotel introduces new RSX -1057 surround -sound receiver with HDMI capability

Rotel has introduced the RSX-1057,a new five-channel surround receiver with HDMI capability.

North Reading, MA -April 2006 -Rotel, the manufacturer of affordable, high -end electronics headquartered in Japan, has introduced the RSX -1057,a new five -channel surround receiver with HDMI capability. The High -Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is an all -digital audio/video interface that provides, over a single cable, communication between any audio/video source (such as a set -top box, DVD player, or A/V receiver) and an audio and/or video monitor (such as a digital television or DTV).

HDMI supports standard, enhanced, and high -definition video, plus multichannel digital audio, on a single cable. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards up to 1080p, and supports 8 -channel digital audio, with bandwidth left over to accommodate future enhancements and requirements. The RSX -1057 is HDMI -ready now, with two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output to connect your A/V components to the latest -generation video displays with 1080p capability.

Mike Bartlett, Rotel's Vice -President and General Manager, says, "The new RSX -1057 has all of the flexibility and performance that consumers want for a typical home theater system, yet it also incorporates all of the necessary features required by custom installers."

From a quick glance at its specifications, Rotel's new RSX -1057 surround -sound receiver might seem just another entry in this very crowded component category. Yet the RSX -1057 distinguishes itself from the competition during actual use, with an overbuilt power supply that delivers the extreme voltage and current required during those explosive soundtracks so prevalent in today's movies.

The high -current amplifier section puts a full 75 watts RMS per channel at your sonic disposal -and that's with all five channels driven simultaneously from 20Hz to 20kHz with no more than 0.05% THD! In the real world, this is far more power than you'll get from products whose manufacturers provide only two -channel ratings. Of course, Rotel's superb power -supply design helps, as do careful parts evalu -ation and selection. But all of that is simply part of Rotel's Balanced Design heritage.

Moving your system to a larger environment, or an eventual move to full 7.1 -channel surround capability? The RSX -1057 also features an option that provides for the simple addi -tion of a two -channel amplifier to expand your home -theater options to full 7.1.

And Rotel hasn't forgotten convenience. The RSX -1057 provides analog and digital connections for up to seven additional components. And it even allows you to assign inputs, relabel inputs, perform advanced bass management, and equalize channels.

Advanced microprocessors from Crystal Semiconductor handle Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, DTS ES Discrete and Matrix, DTS 24/96, DTS Neo:6, and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding, as well as provide several music modes for your enjoyment. Three component inputs and internal video transcoding let you see the best picture possible, regardless of your source.

The RSX -1057 is perfect for any installation, especially those that require special features for custom applications such as an RS -232 interface, multi -room, multi -source output with composite video, three assignable 12 -volt trigger outputs, discrete on/off remote -control command codes, rear -panel IR inputs, and a detach -able AC power cord. A fully programmable remote control is standard.

Available -February 2006
Retail -$1,499.00

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