The Smallest Embedded Motherboard Using Both ETX CPUs and PC/104 Modules

One of the smallest embedded motherboard systems. Designed to support the ACCES I/O line of USB and PC/104 I/O modules along with the high performance benefits of ETX. Features a motherboard/baseboard only 120mm across.

ACCES I/O Products Inc., a leader in cost -effective and easy -to -use data acquisition products, introduces its NANO I/O Server. This unit is one of the smallest embedded motherboard systems and is designed to support the ACCES I/O line of USB and PC/104 I/O modules along with the high performance benefits of ETX. Featuring a motherboard/baseboard only 120mm across, the NANO right -angle mounted connectors include VGA, RS -232, four USB 2.0 ports, PS/2 mouse and keyboard, and Ethernet. ACCES I/O's experience in providing OEMs with custom ETX baseboards is highlighted by this dense motherboard design. ACCES I/O is the first exclusively embedded I/O company in the U.S. to provide semi -custom ETX baseboards and is also recognized for its small form factor I/O boards such as its low -profile PCI, PC/104 and USB/104 products. By integrating its proven I/O designs with this new small motherboard expertise, ACCES I/O can provide the industry with compact ETX I/O baseboard solutions ideal for space -sensitive applications.

The NANO I/O Server is unique due to the capability of utilizing any embedded ETX CPU board that meets the ETX standard for its processing, while providing PC/104 I/O module expansion. Whether the application requires a high -end 1.8GHz Pentium M, a fanless mid -range 600MHz Celeron M, or a very low power 100MHz processor, ACCES I/O can provide a system solution to match a customer's specific requirements. Although smaller than the EPIC embedded boards, the NANO still supports PC/104 -Plus I/O modules in an upward stack. In addition to the rear motherboard I/O, the NANO has supplemental onboard I/O connectors for flat -panel support, IDE, Compact Flash, and an extra RS -232/422/485 -selectable serial port. Power can be provided to the NANO through a 12 -pin micro -fit power connector with a cable adapter connected to any ATX power supply. For an external DC powered system, a PC/104 DC -DC power supply from ACCES I/O can be plugged into the PC/104 I/O connector.

Key features of the NANO I/O Server include:
• Wide range of CPUs up to 1.8GHz Pentium M
• Small size -only 120mm (4.72') by 125mm (4.92")
• Full PC/104 -Plus I/O expansion
• Four rear -mounted USB 2.0 ports
• VGA, PS/2 mouse and keyboard
• One RS -232 and one RS -232/422/485 -selectable COM ports
• 10/100 Ethernet LAN
• Flat panel, IDE and Compact Flash support

The NANO I/O Server offers a family of systems based on COTS ETX CPU modules and the ACCES I/O model ETX -NANO -104 baseboard. This embedded motherboard solution can be mounted into various custom chassis depending on the number of planned PC/104 I/O boards that are needed. Using PC/104 I/O modules stacked in the system, the NANO can function as a complete, small, self -contained data acquisition system. The NANO can also be used as a stand -alone computer and act as a small USB I/O server for external data acquisition and control products. For pure embedded applications, the tiny NANO I/O Server can be mounted inside OEM equipment for PC -based monitoring and control.

ACCES I/O Products, Inc. supplies an extensive range of analog, digital, serial communication, and isolated I/O boards and solutions. ACCES also offers complete systems, integration services, and enclosures with a quick turn -around on custom projects including software. ACCES products are designed for use with PC/104, PCI, PCI -X, Low Profile PCI, EBX, EPIC, USB, Ethernet and ISA, as well as distributed and wireless I/O. All hardware comes with a 30 -day, no -risk return policy and a three -year warranty. For further information, visit the company's web site at

Price: $229 quantity one -motherboard only
OEM and volume pricing available, consult factory
System pricing dependent on choice of ETX CPU and I/O requirements
Availability: Now
Delivery: Stock to two weeks ARO

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