Sentinel Vision Protects Rental Homes, Small Businesses with Turnkey Security Monitoring Solution

Security Monitor Sends Visual, Audio Verification to Third-Party Monitoring Services, User's Cell Phone in Event of Break-in

Palo Alto, California -According to FBI reports, apartments are 85% more likely to be burglarized than traditional single family houses. But although they are more vulnerable to break -ins, very few of the 34 million apartments in the United States are protected by a security system. Sentinel Vision, a leading designer of premium mobile physical security solutions, aims to correct this security gap with its SafeScout security alarm and notification system. A small, easily -installed intelligent monitor, the SafeScout alarm system allows apartment dwellers and small business owners to safeguard their homes and property with an advanced security tool.

Designed with renters in mind, the SafeScout security system offers a turnkey security notification solution that sends image, audio, and alert information to users and other designated parties in the event of a security breach. The system is equipped with a security monitor, siren, and a remote key fob that can be used to trigger a panic alarm to alert authorities and ward off potential attackers.

The Sentinel Vision SafeScout monitor plugs directly into a power and telephone jack, just like a traditional answering machine, and can be installed and registered, either by Internet or by phone, in a matter of minutes. Unlike traditional USB and IP cameras, SafeScout requires no Internet, PC, or LAN connection -just a phone connection and a source of power. After installing the system, users can provide Sentinel Vision with customized alert response instructions that dictate how and to whom alarms should be delivered.

Once the system is armed, the SafeScout monitor alerts the user if an intruder enters the premises, sending 5 digital VGA images and a 20 -second sound clip to the user's email account and image -capable cellular phone. A delayed security siren is also triggered upon entry, sounding after 30 seconds while the system sends image, audio, and alert information to the Sentinel Vision proprietary servers at the Sentinel Vision Control Center. Users can request that images, sound, and alert information be sent to the cell phones of family members or friends, or to third -party security monitoring services, who can then contact authorities with image and audio evidence of a crime in progress, generating faster police response.

"In many major US cities, police departments will not respond to unverified alarm calls because of the high false alarm rate of most binary security systems," said Russell Jones, CEO and co -founder of Sentinel Vision. "SafeScout directly addresses this concern, providing users with a completely mobile security solution that is at once highly functional and economical. SafeScout allows users to receive alerts with visual and audio verification in the event of a potential break -in, dramatically speeding police response times and elevating overall security levels."

In addition to renters, Sentinel Vision's SafeScout security monitoring system is an ideal solution for:

• Second homeowners, who may leave vacation or recreational properties vacant for extended periods of time
• Small business owners, who frequently rent business space and may not have the means to invest in traditional fixed security systems, and who may want to monitor when employees arrive in the morning and leave at night
• Conventional homeowners with traditional security systems, for which SafeScout can provide visual and audio verification, speeding police response times
• Children with aging parents, who may want a method by which their parents can send panic alerts that can be verified with audio and visual data in the event of a medical or security emergency
• Parents, who may want a system that allows them to remotely monitor their homes to ensure that their children arrive home safely from school

The Sentinel Vision SafeScout security monitoring system is available for a MSRP of $199, with a monthly subscription monitoring charge of $19.95. The system is available at,, SAFE Security and a variety of other retail and security reseller locations. Additional information is available online at

About Sentinel Vision
Sentinel Vision provides vision -based security and notification systems that anyone can install, and everyone can purchase and use. The company's systems can notify users, users' family members, friends, or the appropriate authorities when there has been a break -in, when a child has come home from school, when an employee has locked -up, or when the user has been hurt. Sentinel Vision's solutions do not require permanent professional installation, and are usually installed in less than 15 minutes. As a result, the company's patented solutions are available to renters, homeowners, vacation homeowners, small businesses, the elderly, and students. Information about the company and its products can be found online at

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