Broadspan Commerce Selects Mercado to Drive Sales on its E -Commerce Home Furnishings Properties

Mercado bFIRST© Search & Merchandising Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution selected for,, and

Broadspan Commerce Selects Mercado to Drive Sales on its
E -Commerce Home Furnishings Properties

E -Commerce Innovator Will Deploy Mercado bFIRST© Search & Merchandising Software -as -a -Service (SaaS) Solution on,, and

PLEASANTON, CA, April 13, 2006 - Mercado Software, a leading provider of e -commerce search and merchandising solutions, today announced that Broadspan Commerce has selected Mercado bFIRST, the industry's most comprehensive search & navigation and advanced merchandising SaaS solution, to accelerate e -commerce sales. In addition, the three sites will leverage Mercado UniClass© to improve product data quality by extracting and exploiting key attributes from vendor catalog data.

A high -growth company in one of the hottest e -commerce categories, Broadspan Commerce sells - through its three sites - a cornucopia of home furnishings and accessories from over 50 manufacturers. "Because each of our product lines uses vendor -specific and sometimes peculiar terms to describe product features, Mercado's UniClass technology was extremely attractive to us," said Jay Shaffer, VP of Marketing at Broadspan Commerce. "UniClass's ability to normalize descriptive terms will enable us to efficiently create our own rich product description databases - which in turn will enable our customers to more easily find and order the right products. By providing common terms and descriptions across our database, we're certain this feature will help increase conversion rates."

Mercado will provide a one -two punch. Not only will Broadspan's customers find what they're looking for in the fewest clicks, Mercado software will enable the site to interpret customer behavior and make the right types of offers and suggestions for complementary products and accessories. For example, if a shopper is looking for a child's space theme bedding set, he or she might be quite eager to purchase a complementary star -emblazoned area rug or rocket -shaped reading lamp. Broadspan Commerce expects new site merchandising enhancements such as this to result in increased order size.

"Mercado's advanced merchandising will help Broadspan fully optimize their sites for maximum sales," said Corey Leibow, CEO of Mercado. "Our navigation and dynamic refinement capabilities will help their customers find what they want regardless of how they're looking for it - whether by style, price, color, or brand. We're looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Broadspan."

Broadspan is currently migrating from their existing site search provider and expects to have all three sites up and running with Mercado by the 3rd quarter of 2006.

"Our prior search solution didn't provide the performance we required. Because it did not offer relevant search, we felt that the conversion rates were below industry -standard. We knew we could do better." According to Shaffer, "We considered all the major vendors but chose Mercado because we wanted to team with a partner that shares our vision, would really listen, and provide a solution for our specific needs. And, Mercado's merchandising capabilities and its UniClass product were compelling technical differentiators."

About Mercado Software

Mercado is the leading e -commerce search & merchandising solution specialist for multi -channel retail and B2B organizations. By enabling a superior buying experience and equipping business managers with a powerful platform on which to execute merchandising strategies, online businesses can aggressively grow revenue and foster customer loyalty. Sears, Williams -Sonoma, JCPenney, Macy's, Target, Tower Records, MSN Shopping, Caterpillar and OfficeMax, are some of the companies benefiting from Mercado's solutions. For more information about Mercado Software, please visit or call (888) 376 -1400.

About Broadspan Commerce

Broadspan Commerce, LLC is the leader in online retailing of Products for Living™ ­ from beds and rugs to sofas, tables, and lamps ­ targeting consumers, businesses, interior designers, and other trade professionals. Through their portfolio of online stores, they provide a quality, convenient shopping experience that is essential for their busy customers. Broadspan offers a wide variety of quality furnishings from a growing number of manufacturers.

Broadspan maintains a company -wide commitment to provide their customers with a convenient shopping experience, quick shipping, and industry -leading customer service. To see their product offerings, visit their flagship online stores,, or Buying -Bar

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