NuVision Unveils Deep Black LED DLP TV at EH Expo Spring 2006

Revolutionary Video Performance, Quality Customer Service, and Sleek Aesthetics Make NuVision the Best Choice for the Discerning Consumer, CI/CEDIA Pro, and the High-End A/V Specialty Retailer

Scottsdale, Ariz., April 4, 2006 - NuVision is proud to announce that it has unveiled its new 1080p DLP® television technology, featuring its Deep Black™ LED light engine in a 52 -inch prototype rear projection TV cabinet design along with its line of critically acclaimed Deep Black™ LCD televisions at the 2006 Electronic House Expo (EHX), held from March 30 - April 1 at the Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Fla.).

The NuVision line of Deep Black LED DLP television will initially be available in a 52 -inch model with larger screen models targeted for later this year. "As aesthetics, performance and integration friendly features become increasingly important for today's consumer, NuVision has continued the tradition and debuted one of the world's first LED illuminated DLP televisions at the EH Expo," explained Scott Deley, NuVision CEO.

NuVision Deep Black LED DLP rear projection televisions utilize individual red, green, and blue super bright LEDs to replace conventional lamps used to illuminate all DLP rear projection systems in the market today. The LED's light output is controlled to an incredible degree of accuracy through the proprietary NűVision DSDB (Digital Switching Deep Black) system. This contributes to deeper blacks by precisely controlling the LED output during dark scenes while producing an unprecedented wide color gamut resulting in deeper, more brilliant colors that exceed even the NTSC color gamut specification. Finally, the adjustable white point and color optimization provides a new level of grey scale and color precision never before available.

Besides the spectacular improvements in color accuracy brilliance, contrast and black levels, the NuVision Deep Black LED Light Engine other important benefits:

• Long Life - No brightness degradation or bulb replacement needed
• Instant On/Off - No waiting for the lamp to warm up
• Environmentally Friendly - No mercury used as in conventional lamps
• Safe - Only low voltages needed
• No Color Wheel Needed - No "rainbow" artifacts; no color wheel noise
• High Brightness/High Contrast - No infrared or ultraviolet lamp filters needed

"The quick success of NuVision's acclaimed line of Deep Black LCD TVs' is based on extraordinary aesthetics, tremendous picture quality, and leading -edge technologies, and NuVision's new Deep Black LED DLP television's will continue this tradition," Deley added.

Aimed at the discerning consumer who expects great performance, customer service, and sleek cosmetics, NuVision targets the CEDIA custom install channel and high -end A/V specialty retailers who demand as much performance from the manufacturer as they do from the product. NuVision brand and products are promoted and sold nationwide through independent retailers and installers and are distributed by the EDGE group.

NuVision LCD televisions incorporate state -of -the -art technologies, such as NuVision's proprietary NiDO (NuVision Intelligent Digital Optimization), exclusive Deep Black™ LCD with 1000:1 contrast ratio, and NuControl bi -directional RS232 with polling. NuVision's NiDO (NűVision Intelligent Digital Optimization) circuit delivers a film -like home theater experience as a NiDO optimized picture ensures crisp, clean edges and silky smooth motion that is virtually free from artifacts. NiDO image processing technology ensures NűVision monitors provide world -class picture quality and excellent resolution. NiDO's edge details, smooth motion, color optimization, and response enhancement are just some of the features that make NűVision's LCD televisions stand apart from the competition.

Other LCD TV features include:

• <10ms response time
• 500cd/M2 brightness
• 16:9 widescreen
• 1366x768 Native resolution
• DVI and/or HDMI w/HDCP
• NuControl - RS232 / Discrete IR
• PC mode compatible up to SXGA

Design is a cornerstone of NuVision's LCD televisions. Besides a sleek and aesthetically pleasing frame, a tilt stand allows you to place the television high or low, and you can then tilt the screen for the optimum viewing angle.

Images available upon request (email

NuVision televisions are available through select retailers & custom installers nationwide. To locate a NuVision dealer near you please visit or call (877) -738 -7641

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