Russound's PC Power Tool ST makes customized radio programming a snap

Extends company's fast and easy configuration software for multiroom audio systems to Smart Tuners

NEWMARKET, NH, March 28, 2006 - Russound, a leading multiroom audio -video manufacturer, today announced an enhanced version of its PC Power Tool software designed to offer installers fast and easy programming of Smart Tuners within an RNET® multiroom audio system. The new PC Power Tool ST simplifies the set up of AM/FM, XM and SIRIUS radio tuner preset banks, creating custom bank and preset names, and configuring ST2 series Smart Tuners. RNET products display information relating to music playing: radio station ID, song title, artist, playlist and other information appear on the screen with each new selection.

PC Power Tool ST broadens Russound's commitment to providing its dealers with the best productivity -enhancing tools and support. The software builds upon the already popular base version of PC Power Tool and is available immediately as a free download for registered owners from Russound's DocCenter Web page. For new customers, the ST version is a standard feature included in PC Power Tool, which has a MAP price of $299.

With each Smart Tuner providing up to 72 custom presets, PC Power Tool ST can help installers be more productive and profitable when customizing their customers' household radio entertainment preferences. The new software extends Russound's mission to help A/V professionals expedite design and system configuration. It works with Russound's full Smart Tuner series (ST2, ST2S, ST2 -XM and ST2 -XM2) as well as tuner modules within the CAM6.6T and CAM6.6X systems. In addition to programming connected Smart Tuners, installers can create project files that can be loaded into devices later. For example, they can create a project file in the convenience of their office and later load the settings into the Smart Tuner or controller at the job site using their laptop. They can also read current settings from a device and save them to a project file, allowing them to easily edit and copy the settings of another Smart Tuner or controller.

"Satellite radio is adding hundreds of new choices to the already -rich mix of terrestrial radio programming available to consumers," said Bill Soggu, Russound's project manager for PC Power Tool ST. "We aim to help our partners add value by creating highly customized entertainment experiences for everyone in the household, while boosting their productivity. The flexibility provided by PC Power Tool ST helps them get the job done better and quicker."

Running on Windows, the software includes easy to navigate menu options and help systems to program all Russound RNET based Smart Tuners and controllers. The PC Power Tool kit includes two CDs, a deluxe punch -down tool, a quick -start guide, controller and keypad programming cables in a rugged carrying case. For convenience, the programming discs include product manuals for the Smart Tuner and CAV6.6 systems in PDF format.

About Russound
Since 1967, innovation, quality and reliability have been the pillars of the Russound product tradition. Located in Newmarket, N.H., Russound offers the products and expertise customers need to enjoy multiroom audio and video systems in the home. The company pairs powerful systems using the latest technologies with intuitive controls to give customers high -performance, easy -to -use solutions. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

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