CentraLite Releases Wireless Lighting Control System

CentraLite Systems sets new standard for wireless lighting automation with StarLite™. StarLite helps customers save big on installation costs and remodeling hassles. It communicates via radio frequencies (RF) and is powered by existing wiring.


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CentraLite® Rolls Out Wireless Lighting Control System

Full -featured, affordable system is simple to use and install.

MOBILE, Ala., March 24, 2006 - After nearly a decade in the industry, CentraLite® Systems, Inc. has quietly established a solid reputation for delivering and supporting extremely reliable "hard wired" home lighting control products. With CentraLite systems, one touch can activate any pre -programmed combina¬tion of lights, creating the perfect scene by turning on, dimming or turning off a specific collection of lights. However, good as these systems are, until now existing homeowners were mostly left on the outside looking in - able to have them only by committing to extensive, expensive rewiring and remodeling.

All of that is about to change, as easy -to -use wireless products become widely available. Customers will save big on installation costs and remodeling hassles with wireless systems, because they communicate using radio frequencies and are powered by the house's existing wiring. Now, nearly any homeowner can add value to their most important investment and have the convenience and the security of home lighting control. What's likely to emerge is a very large new market for these systems - one that represents a huge revenue opportunity for contractors, remodelers, designers, installers, distributors and home automation dealers, as well as systems manufacturers.

CentraLite Systems, Inc. is ready to set the standard for wireless lighting automation with the StarLite™ Home Lighting Control System. The StarLite System will begin shipping in production quantities in April. StarLite demonstrations and information will be available at EHX in the CentraLite Booth #834.

CentraLite's long experience with customers and dealers has resulted in a powerful and elegant wireless product; one packed with the features buyers are asking for, but without unnecessary and complex functions that most homeowners don't need and won't ever use. StarLite provides everything most homeowners want at a price its competitors will have trouble matching.

StarLite is robust, providing dozens of choices for enhanced lighting. It is capable of handling up to 96 devices, 288 buttons and 100 scenes, including one -button "vacation/alert" and "all on/all off" modes. There are 512 dimming levels, which can be preset for every load, and a pleasant "soft on/ soft off" function. StarLite can automatically control environments with up to 50 timed events. An astronomical clock is included. Fashionable keypads have attractive blue LED on/off indicators and are available in four stylish colors - almond, light almond, white or ivory.

These systems are sold and supported by reliable, knowledgeable manufacturers and dealers. With StarLite, dealers and installers will benefit from a rock -solid product, a smooth installation and a responsive manufacturer. The experience and reliability of manufacturers is frequently mentioned by systems dealers and contractors as being critical for successful installations.

"Everyone is talking about lighting control," said Danny Galyean, partner at Pasada, LLC in Huntsville, Ala., a distributor of home automation systems. "Unfortunately today's solutions for existing homes are unreliable or very expensive. Dealers have been asking when CentraLite was going to have their wireless system. That's because, based on CentraLite's reputation with past products, our dealers know it will be done right, at a very attractive price point. They also know the install will be a snap. Now that I have had the opportunity to see StarLite in action, I'm convinced it will be a winner. CentraLite products always are."

Although streamlined and simplified, StarLite systems include numerous cutting -edge features that designers, contractors and dealers are sure to appreciate. Using RF (radio frequency) technology, StarLite is easily installed using existing 110 -volt home wiring. One CentraLite controller can operate up to 125 feet, so signal repeaters are almost never required. However, the system has a total range of over 500 feet, using only four repeaters. Notably, CentraLite dimmers are 800 watts, at the price of many competitors' 600 -watt products.

CentraLite's intuitive PC programming software and voice recognition make configuration fast and easy. With voice recognition programming, only one person is required to install the system, because it can be done remotely and hands -free by speaking "plain English" commands into a headset. Keypads report internal temperature, power con¬sumption, RF signal strength and light level to the controller, and performance can be viewed and analyzed using CentraLite software. Upgrades to the system can be downloaded with ease, without replacing chips. StarLite retains its programming in multiple electronic locations, so there's never a risk of losing your settings even if a dimmer is accidentally damaged and must be replaced. Automatic overload detec¬tion prevents system overloads by dimming the loads on the system when necessary.

"We are very proud of StarLite," said CentraLite CEO James L. Busby. "It makes the security and convenience of home lighting control available to a wide segment of existing homeowners who haven't been served before. StarLite is also a logical extension of our product lines. We've led the industry with innovative wired products, and we now intend to deliver the best values in wireless systems too. StarLite offers homeowners a great value and dealers a big opportunity. It is feature -rich, but also reasonably priced, simple to use and fast to install."

CentraLite's open system design allows easy integration of devices from partners such as CRESTRON, ELAN, ELK, HAI, RCS, SOLEIL and others - to provide total home automation solutions with security, motorized blinds, thermostats, and much more. There are Ethernet, USB and two RS -232 ports for system maintenance and connecting third -party products. Systems can even be controlled remotely through the master control unit's USB or Ethernet port.

A "value -pak" system will include a master controller, six 3 -but¬ton neutral dimmers, five 1 -button neutral dimmers, two 3 -button keypads, and complete pro¬gramming software. The estimated street price for that configuration will be $2,999, not including installation. Dimmers and keypads will be available for purchase individually and in discounted multi -packs. StarLite systems will come with a limited five year warranty. They will be sold by CentraLite distribu¬tors and dealers nationwide.

About CentraLite - CentraLite Systems Inc., based in Mobile, has been designing and manufacturing home lighting control systems since 1997. CentraLite systems let homeowners enjoy high quality dimming and automated scene control on a reasonable budget. They provide electronic, even remote control of home lighting - delivering both enhanced living and increased security. CentraLite's open system design allows easy integration of third party devices. The company's award -winning products include Elegance™, the ultimate in hard -wired control and the more economical LiteJet™, winner of Electronic House Publishing's 2005 Product of the Year. A wireless system, StarLite™, developed for the huge retrofit home market, is scheduled for release in 2006. For more information about CentraLite's family of products, call 1 -877 -466 -5483 or visit www.centralite.com.


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