NeoEdge Networks Unveils the Future of Digital Content Delivery Services

The NeoEdge service is compelling for distributors, because not only does it include a private, white-labeled delivery -but it's cheaper -and yes, better. It also features reporting, metrics, and marketing options to boot.

San Jose, Calif., - - Game Developers Conference, March 21, 2006 - - NeoEdge Networks, the future of digital entertainment delivery, today formally announced its new NeoEdge digital content delivery and promotion service. This groundbreaking offering provides best -in -class capabilities in the areas content providers care about most - cost and speed of delivery, control and security of content, building brand relationships with consumers, and ultimately selling more products. The NeoEdge service supports all types of digital content including games, videos and movies.

"Distributors need a cost -effective and fast way to deliver content, but more importantly, require greater ability to promote their brands, gain insight about their consumers, and build consumer loyalty. The new NeoEdge service is an excellent example of next -generation content delivery methods that will succeed with the demands and changes of a very dynamic market," said Mukul Krishna, Industry Manager of the Digital Media Practice at Frost & Sullivan, "This is extremely important, as content owners would want to keep the content secure while monetizing on it through multichannel delivery. The NeoEdge private p -2 -p provides the ability to deliver content faster and with more security, while at the same time providing crucial analytics do provide a better service to consumers and advertisers alike."

NeoEdge makes the one -to -one branded online channel a reality for any content owner and delivers significant improvement in their ability to engage the consumer, make products more visible, build a brand, and understand consumer expectations. NeoEdge serves content much faster than typical delivery models, for as little as one -tenth the cost of conventional downloads. As a result, NeoEdge makes it possible to offer much larger movies and games that were either too expensive or too slow to distribute over broadband channels in the past, giving content publishers and providers a wider consumer reach.

NeoEdge Networks uniquely provides benefit to both content owners and consumers. For content owners, NeoEdge provides the most comprehensive content delivery and promotion service available and enables them to:
• Publish content directly to millions of consumer desktops
• Deliver targeted, in -context advertisements and promotional messages
• Increase sales with flexible licensing and subscription
• Deliver content much faster and at dramatically lower cost
• Protect against unauthorized use with digital rights management
• Retain complete control of content
• Push automated updates to millions of clients
• Gain unsurpassed insight into consumer content usage and behavior patterns

Additionally, the service provides a great consumer experience and helps content owners build stronger brand relationships, ultimately leading to increased sales. With NeoEdge, consumers:
• Find, try and buy content much faster and easier
• Have a seamless offline and online experience
• Never need to install or check for pre -requisites
• Access content more rapidly
• Get upgrades delivered transparently
• Are assured that the content is secure, safe and reliable

"The market for online digital content is exploding, and successful companies will leverage it to establish brands, create a winning consumer experience and market content in a profitable way. NeoEdge will drive this market," said Vic Mahadevan, CEO of NeoEdge Networks. "Companies and consumers that evaluate our service are consistently in awe about how easily it works. NeoEdge Networks is the only company in this arena to offer a single, seamless solution for digital content providers that addresses all of their emerging needs."

About NeoEdge Networks
NeoEdge Networks, the future of digital entertainment delivery, brings digital content providers closer to their customers. Its innovative service enables game, video and movie publishers and aggregators to digitally distribute, manage and monetize their offerings directly to users on -demand. The NeoEdge service accelerates revenue growth and reduces cost by combining a direct -to -consumer channel with a compelling on -line experience. For more information about NeoEdge Networks, please visit

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