* 42' VIZIO HD Plasma Hits Key $1,499 Price Point * VIZIO 50' Plasma Goes Deep with $2,299 Price Point * VIZIO Sales Driven by High Quality at the Best Value * Customers Can Now Find VIZIO TVs in over 2,000 Stores Nationwide

COSTA MESA, CA - March 7, 2006 - V, Inc., the multiple award -winning VIZIO consumer electronics maker, announced their "March Madness" pricing for key high definition plasmas. Just in time for college basketball playoffs, VIZIO announced two price reductions on their plasma displays. The new VIZIO P42HDTV will have a $300 instant -off discount for the week of March 20 -26, 2006 - - bringing the price of the 42" HDTV to $1,499.99 at Costco. Effective immediately the award winning P50HDM 50" HD -ready plasmas everyday price drops $200 to $2,299.99 at Costco, Sam's and BJ's wholesale clubs. The new VIZIO L32HDTV will also reach stores at the same time - - making it the first 32" LCD integrated HDTV breaking the $1,000 price point.

According to CBS, High Definition coverage of the 2006 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament will include 39 games and tips off March 16, 2006. These CBS HD broadcasts consist of 24 early rounds, 12 regional site games, the two final four games and the National Championship Game in prime time on April 3, 2006.

"Once you experience sports in high definition on the VIZIO P50HDM you will never want to watch sports again without it. We expect the same experience with the new VIZIO P42HDTV and at these values why get anything else?" stated Jeff Schindler, VIZIO Vice President, Marketing and Business Operations. "Reporters are asking how VIZIO can maintain the best value with the latest technology, great performance and at the same time give better service than traditional brands. Our recent holiday success with consumers at retail, combined with what professional reviewers have said about our products, makes our answer affirmative. Our commitment to the best picture quality, an efficient business model and retail partners have made our meteoric growth sustainable. These March Madness promotions will be a slam -dunk with consumers," concluded Schindler.

VIZIO 42" Plasma HDTV

The VIZIO P42HDTV is a completely new 42" high definition plasma design. At only 4" deep, it takes on the attractive piano -black styling of the VIZIO P50HDM plasma along with silver built -in speakers, intuitive user interface and Quick -Start -Guide. The 1024 x 768 native resolution widescreen plasma features the latest -generation glass with Single Scan Technology for a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, high 1200 cd/m2 brightness and 30 bit, 231 billion colors. An advanced video processor produces reduced solarization and false contouring along with sharpness improvement, non -linear chroma enhancement, closed color suppression, non -linear scaling, and adaptive contrast and color controls. The P42HDTV is fully featured with dual tuners including ATSC off air, clear QAM digital cable and NTSC tuners, universal remote control, PIP/POP, 3:2 pulldown, 3D -comb filter, motion -adaptive deinterlacer, two component, HDMI and VGA -type PC (up to 1280 x 1024) inputs along with multiple video settings. The VIZIO P42HDTV comes with a one -year in -home service warranty and will be available at Costco starting March 20, 2006.

VIZIO 50" Plasma Monitor

The highly praised 50" VIZIO P50HDM with 1366 x 768 native resolution, 1,000 cd/m2 brightness and Faroudja DCDi motion -adaptive deinterlacing produces vibrant, rich and 231 billion color deep images. The P50HDM's video processor also features Single Scan Technology for a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, reduced solarization and false contouring along with sharpness improvement, non -linear chroma enhancement, closed color suppression, non -linear scaling and adaptive contrast and color controls. Its multitude of video connections including two dedicated HDMI inputs, VGA -type PC input and two component video inputs make the large -screen HD plasma perfect for any source type. The 50" widescreen HD monitor drops in price again to $2,299.99 at Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's wholesale. Along with one -year onsite warranty, the 4" deep P50HDM includes a Quick -Start -Guide, built -in speakers, stand and universal remote included.

VIZIO LCD TVs with Integrated HD Tuners

Both of the super -value VIZIO LCD HDTVs now include an integrated ATSC tuner. The new L32HDTV LCD TV offers clear QAM digital cable tuner and a Zero Bright -Pixel Defect Guarantee, 1366 x 768 native resolution and 8 ms response time. Built -in speakers, a universal remote control, PIP/POP, 3:2 pulldown, 3D -comb filter, motion -adaptive deinterlacer, component, VGA -type PC and HDMI video inputs along with multiple video settings allow them to be in high demand by the entire family. The $999.99 VIZIO L32HDTV will be available March 20, 2006 at Costco, Sam's Club and selected Wal -Mart stores. The VIZIO L37HDTV is available now for $1,499.99 at Costco, Sams Club, BJ's and online.


VIZIO, "Where Vision Meets Value," headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, is a top ten North American flat panel television brand. The brand has been seen on ABC's Good Morning America and has won numerous awards from leading publications including Sound & Vision's Editors Choice, Home Theater Magazine's Rave Award and The Perfect Vision's Recommended Components. VIZIO brings vision to the consumer electronics market through practical innovation. VIZIO TVs offer customers the most advanced technologies at the most affordable value. Many of VIZIO products can be found at Costco, Sam's Club, Wal -Mart, BJ's Wholesale and other retailers nationwide along with authorized online partners. For more information or to buy direct from their store, please call 888 -VIZIOCE or visit them on the web at

The V, VIZIO name and symbols are trademarks or registered trademarks of V, Inc. All other trademarks may be the property of their respective holders.


Source: V, Inc. VIZIO Televisions

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