V -MODA Launches Stylish and Colorful Alternative to Carbon -Copy White

Brilliant Colors, Polished Metal, and Unrivaled Audio Fidelity Make Remix M-Class Modaphones the Next 'Must-Have' Fashion Accessory of 2006

Music lifestyle brand V -MODA today

launched its Modaphones Hearwear Collection with the introduction of Remix
M -Class earphones, an all -new series of fashion accessories that delivers
unparalleled style and sensational sound quality to modern music
enthusiasts. With their sleek colors, solid build, and progressive form
these audiophile -quality earphones are designed to coordinate with iPods and
other portable music players, as well as modern fashion apparel and

The lightweight earbuds are made of pure polished alloy metal that produces
vibrant, precise bass levels measuring up to 122db at 20Hz, a significant
increase over many similar earbud -style headphones. They also create warm
mids and highs that expose the finer details in every style of music. Clear
metallic and color cables artfully coordinate with a metal plug and
midsection to give music lovers a bold and stylish alternative to ubiquitous
plastic white headphones.

"Modaphones have been tested and approved by real musicians, DJs, athletes,
and audiophiles, while our engineering experience represents the most
prestigious brands in the audio industry" said Val Kolton, founder and CEO
of V -MODA. "Their excitement centers around superior sound quality,
remarkable attention to detail, and stylish design we bring to the entire
Modaphones collection."

Built for the modern active lifestyle, Remix earphones are designed to
deliver remarkable clarity, comfort, and a secure fit. They also provide
moisture resistance and a secure fit, making them the ideal companion for
jogging and working out.

V -MODA today also introduced the Modawrap cable manager, a stylish and
innovative solution for cable -length management and earphone storage.
Modawrap makes it easy and convenient for listeners to adjust the length of
their Remix cables without tangles or complicated case winders. It is
included with each pair of Remix earphones.

Remix M -Class earphones are currently available in three cool colors:
"bling -bling black;" "that's hot pink;" and "blue steel." The absence of
omnipresent white, combined with groundbreaking sound quality, make these
stylish earphones the next "must -have" fashion accessory of 2006.

Remix M -Class is now available in limited production for $50 (US) at Shop
V -MODA (shop.v -moda.com), as well as select Los Angeles fashion boutiques.
It comes with a 30 -day in -home trial guarantee, as well as free shipping in
the U.S for a limited time only. Please visit v -moda.com for more
information on pricing and national availability.

V -MODA is a music lifestyle brand based in Hollywood, California. It designs
and markets innovative products that marry high -fashion and high -function,
while paying homage to a rock -and -roll and house music lifestyle. The
Modaphone Hearwear Collection is the first in a series of music -inspired
products, apparel, and DJ compilations to be unveiled in the first half of

Founder Val Kolton, together with designer Joseph Bucknall, leads the
innovation and creative nucleus responsible for transforming the music
lifestyle vision into an inspired reality. More information about V -MODA and
its progressive products can be found at v -moda.com


Press Contact: Val Kolton
Phone: (310) 694 -3996 x 711
Web: v -moda.com

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