Cortexa Launches Pocket Touch Software: Control Your Home from A Pocket PC

Cortexa Technology Launches Pocket Touch Software allowing homeowners to control their home automation system from the Pocket PC.

Cortexa Launches Pocket Touch Software: Control Your Home from A Pocket PC

Leading the Crusade to Make Home Automation Easy and Affordable, Cortexa Unveils Newest Cost -Effective Access Point

AUSTIN, TX - March 14, 2006 - Cortexa Technology today announced the immediate availability of Cortexa Pocket Touch Software, the company's latest software release that allows convenient access and control of the Cortexa Home Automation System through a Pocket PC. Cortexa Pocket Touch enables the homeowner to have yet another fully functional, cost -effective access point that is easy -to -use on one of the world's most popular hand -held devices.

"Now, with Cortexa Pocket Touch, accessing and controlling your home is as easy as the touch of a button on your Pocket PC," says Billy Martin, CEO, Cortexa Technology. "Cortexa continues to deliver useful and pragmatic functionality to our customers."

This latest software release is yet another win in Cortexa's crusade to deliver fully functional capability at a fraction of the cost. Homeowners now have an additional access point to their home automation system utilizing tools they already own. Many other manufacturers would insist on installing an in -wall touch screen that could cost thousands of dollars.

Cortexa Pocket Touch can be easily downloaded onto any Pocket PC and requires only 10MB of storage. Homeowners will enjoy the highly intuitive user interface from the Cortexa Home Automation system and can access their favorite buttons for frequently used features within their home. In addition, homeowners have full use of the video streaming and archive viewing from cameras; audio distribution and iTunes functionality; remote control of all AV devices; control of their lighting, HVAC and security systems; access to weather data and their programmed lifestyle events.

"Cortexa is leading the crusade to deliver home automation to every home in America," continues Martin. "We are waving the banner of ease and affordability in home automation, and the homeowner is the true winner here."

As part of Cortexa's ongoing crusade to automate every home in America, CEO Billy Martin and company founder Joe Doran will premiere the Cortexa Pocket Touch software at the upcoming Electronic House Expo in Orlando, Florida from March 28 through April 1, 2006. Cortexa also will be presenting other products and software in Booth 1228 along with SmartLabs, the world's leading authority on electronic home improvement and automation.

About Cortexa Technology, Inc.
Based in Austin, Texas, Cortexa Technology Inc. is a privately held company that develops and markets home automation systems to bring increased functionality and efficiency to all homes with an emphasis on mid -market homes. The Cortexa product is engineered from the ground up and includes both the software and solid state hardware. The company's founders are passionate about providing home automation for all and, during development of the product, focused on affordability, dependability and usability. To find out more about Cortexa Technology, visit

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