Pragmatic Launches Its Newest Product, The High -Performance Plasma and LCD Array Speaker

The speaker is designed to fit the size of your Plasma or LCD monitor, and offers a remarkable sound quality and a well defined dispersion pattern.

Santa Clara, CA/March 14, 2006 - Pragmatic is proud to announce the release of its latest product, the PHA -25 - a truly Pragmatic Speaker!

This is designed using very high performance full -range long excursion drivers which individually acts as a point source. Put together on a line, they offer the advantages of a line array as well. The speaker offers exceptional dispersion control which is vital in a lot of applications and delivers excellent dBspl sensitivity and the sound field falls off at inverse ratio of the distance from the speaker. This makes the speaker very efficient and attractive to use in a lot of places. These speakers were recently installed in several commercial venues along with Plasma screens for digital signage / advertising and the results have been phenomenal.

In one of the commercial sites where it was installed, one can be able to clearly hear the advertising content at a distance of more than 60 feet away from the plasma display. Even when one walks all the way up close to the plasma, the sound level was still very comfortable, which makes the speakers even more impressive. Plus, the speakers were being driven nicely using the MBA -120 Pragmatic amplifier.

These speakers in a home theater application will minimize needs for a lot of acoustical treatment in the room. Also, being only 2 inches deep and two inches wide, these can be mounted in the corners, flush against the wall, etc. etc.!

Dealer Cost is $495 in single quantity (volume discounts available). Limited quantity of the speakers are in stock for immediate delivery to dealers and installers. Since Pragmatic builds them in small batches at present, typical lead times for larger quantities will be 3 to 4 weeks.

These can be installed at hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, train stations, airports, museums, department stores, theaters, schools, auditoriums, home theaters and multi -room applications.

Larger and smaller size arrays are available. And because Pragmatic does all the manufacturing, it can custom make any size enclosure to suit your needs.
These arrays can also be cascaded along an axis to make larger arrays. (THINK LEGO BLOCK!)

If you have any questions, please contact the sales department at (408) 735 -0300 or at sales@wireless

About the company:

Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc., a Silicon Valley -based company, is a leading firm in the audio/video control and distribution industry. It is well -known for its popular proprietary technology, the CATS system, a complete audio/video and IR control and wiring over Cat5 cable with long -haul capability and which delivers brilliant video and audio power and detail. The company markets its products and technologies in a wide base of clients both here in the USA and outside, and includes government institutions, the military, commercial firms and residential consumers with a flair for meticulous home automation.

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