Taiwanese electronics offer innovation, convenience

Taiwan's consumer electronics manufacturers create devices with added value

Taiwanese electronics manufacturers speak about the consumer electronics industry with a glimmer in their eye and hope permeating through their voices.

Witnessing CE devices like the iPod Nano sell over one million units in just seventeen days, the manufacturers realize demand runs high and that everyone is on the lookout for the next cool consumer product.

With that in mind, Taiwanese companies have ratcheted up the innovation in their products so as to eke out a spot in the 3C market with intelligent and convenient consumer devices.

Digital imaging

One of the hottest products, of course, remains the digital still camera (DSC). According to market research firm Gartner, Inc., shipments of DSCs to the US alone topped 20.8 million units in 2004, with sales likely to reach 30 million in the US in 2009, for household penetration at 81.7 percent.

The Asia -Pacific region also experienced tremendous growth in 2004, reported high -tech market research firm In -Stat. According to In -Stat, digital camera market revenue in the APAC region grew by 14.2 percent to USD 5.26 billion. In -Stat predicts the regional digital camera market will grow to USD 7.3 billion in 2009.

Stepping up to meet demand is Eubon Technology, a local manufacturer of electronic appliances. Based in Taichung, Taiwan, Eubon has more than ten years delivering unique solutions to consumers.

Eubon built its most innovative product through the integration of two more common products: the digital still camera and binoculars. Eubon realized the limitations in distance of conventional cameras, and therefore set out to create a solution.

The result is the EU -130 Digital Binocular Camera series. The Digital Binoculars feature a 2.0 megapixel CMOS sensor, allowing for resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. Pictures are then displayed on an LCD screen between the eyesights.

The camera can store up to 24 high -resolution or 70 low -res photos on its 8MB Flash memory. The EU -130 can also function as a video recorder, and links directly to the computer via USB for easy transfer.

Commitment to innovation

Another manufacturer of intelligent devices is Aiptek International. The company, headquartered in the Hsinchu Science -based Industrial Park, focuses on providing consumer convenience through its range of audio, visual, and handwriting recognition lines of products.

Two products aimed at eliminating some of the troubles associated with current technologies are the Walk Pen and the MyNote T01. Both of these products highlight Aiptekˇ¦s commitment to innovation and its philosophy of putting a human -spin on engineering and product technology.

The Walk Pen is a mini hand -input device, allowing for easy writing, drawing, browsing and pointing across various surfaces. The Walk Pen is in the shape of a pen, making it easier to write and draw, but functions with MS Office 2003 suite and MSN Messenger.

Using a USB link to connect to the computer or notebook, the Walk Pen has a resolution of 800dpi. The device comes with eight training games, including cursor movement training, mouse left click training, writing training, drag and move training, mouse double click training, mouse right click training, scroll wheel training, and pressure training.

Taking notes?

The MyNote T01 similarly offers a unique mixture of the old and the new. The MyNote T01 is a digital notepad, allowing users to write notes with real ink and paper, with the pressure storing the same notes in a digital jpg or txt file on the electronic tablet underneath.

The MyNote T01 offers four different functions in one device. In addition to the digital notepad, the MyNote links to a computer via USB to offer three extra functions.

First, the MyNote can serve as a tablet, allowing users to use their handwriting to write e -mails, presentations, or MSN chat; it acts as a mass storage device; and with its SD/MMC Card slot, it functions as an external memory card slot.

The MyNote T01 has a built -in 32MB of storage, for up to 160 pages of notes. The MyNote comes in an A4 size, the largest digital notepad on the market. There is no specific note paper required for the MyNote, adding to its convenience.

With an emphasis on convenience and intelligent devices, Taiwanese electronics manufacturers are eyeing the lucrative CE devices. As they make products that simplify life, expect them to command major market attention.

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