Syntax -Brillian Inks $1 Million LCoS(TM) Microdisplay Agreement With Rockwell Collins

Displays and Drive ASICs to be Used in Innovative Head-Up Display for Aviation Applications

TEMPE, Ariz., February 22, 2006/Business Wire/ - Syntax -Brillian Corporation (NASDAQ: BRLC), a designer and developer of LCD and Gen II LCoS™ HDTVs and microdisplay components, today announced a volume purchase agreement with Rockwell Collins, a leading provider of communications and aviation electronics for military and commercial customers worldwide.

Under terms of the agreement, Rockwell Collins will purchase microdisplays and drive application integrated circuits (ASICs), with delivery slated for the second calendar quarter of 2006. The Syntax -Brillian components will be integrated into Rockwell Collins Head -Up Guidance System (HGS) that displays critical flight information in the pilot's forward field of view.

Syntax -Brillian's high -resolution, LCoS™ microdisplays support the full range of content from text, graphics, and multimedia, to full -motion video content. The high brightness specification enables users to view content in virtually any environment. Supporting a high image refresh rate, the image is effectively free of flicker and color breakup, and its high fill factor delivers seamless images without the pixelation found in color -filter -based transmissive displays.

"In addition to our UltraContrast™ HDTVs, Syntax -Brillian develops a family of LCoS™ -based microdisplays, ASICs and turnkey system solutions to support our customers in a variety of applications, quickly and cost -effectively," said Rainer Kuhn, Syntax -Brillian Vice President of Product Marketing and OEM Sales. "The extended relationship with Rockwell Collins further validates the strength and quality of our technology and component -level solutions for innovative new applications such as Rockwell Collins head -up guidance system."

About Syntax -Brillian
Founded in December 2005, with the merger of Syntax Groups Corp. and Brillian Corp., Syntax -Brillian is one of the world's leading manufacturers of LCD and LCoS™ HDTVs and digital entertainment products. With its extremely successful Olevia brand of widescreen HDTV -ready LCD TVs, one of the fastest growing global TV brands, and its highly acclaimed Gen II LCoS™ 720p and 1080p rear -projection HDTVs, for the high -end video/audio market, Syntax -Brillian is uniquely positioned to deliver quality digital entertainment products that span from high -end, specialty applications to the fast -growing global mass market. Syntax -Brillian has established retail and distributor sales channels in North America, a global supply chain, and operations in Asia that allow it to leverage economies of scale to deliver both extraordinarily high -quality products and outstanding value. Company information is available at

Brillian's LCoS™ microdisplay technologies address the market demand for a high -performance display solution with high image fidelity, high -resolution scalability, and high contrast ratios. Additional product information may be found at

Brillian is a registered trademark and LCoS is a trademark of Syntax -Brillian Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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